Running and Cycling

Any good options for holsters fit for both running and cycling?

My wife (and me…) are training for a Triathlon Sprint (400m swim, 20k bike, 5k run - but training longer distances with transitioning from event to event) and I’m more and more leaning into carrying daily, but need something both suitable and concealable with the tighter cycling gear… I’ve slid my sub-compact in a sticky holster into the back jersey pocket @ 5 o’clock and then pulled a Hi-Vis vest over top, but this isn’t easily accessible.



I think belly bands are a great option for running and cycling but they aren’t going to conceal well under a tight fitting cycling jersey. I prefer the bands that have a kydex holster attachment since they are quicker to access and provide better security than the ones with only a nylon slot for the handgun.

Another option is a small fanny pack with a separate slot for a holstered pistol. Works regardless of what you are wearing. Not the quickest access but if you wear it on the front or side it would probably be noticeably quicker than trying to access from the back pocket on a cycling jersey.


I’ve also seen some minimalistic chest rigs that aren’t overly tactical. I’m not calling them discrete, but these chest pack things are becoming more common.

Something like this. Note it can also be carried as a waist or butt pack like @Shamrock mentioned.


For cycling, Crossbreeds Belly Band modular holster. Jogging should be ok. As most concealed carry holsters, it retains by friction and gravity, so hanging upside down or jumps can shake the weapon out.


I use a crossbreed belly band. With a small gun like a S&W shield, it’s fine. With a larger gun, I still like to have a belt over the top of it to secure it down. I never feel super secure with just the belly band. But that’s just my personality.


Use a waistband holster mid-chest. Cover it with a thin sheet of teflon (perforated to vent heat) to mask the profile.


Probably not real accessible, but a subcompact in the back pocket of your jersey would probably work on the bike. Running, No idea, when I run I don’t like having anything on me that moves, swings etc.

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What I don’t understand is what do you do to secure your firearm(s) while swimming, and how do you discreetly change for bike and run?



I’ve got one of these and it’s great! Not too expensive too Deep Concealment Holster | Belly Band Holster | ComfortTac

Fanny pack carry is also a great option. A guy that works at my father-in-laws shop with my wife has a fanny pack set up for whenever he’s out runny. Said he’s never had a problem with it.


In training at least…
and not training all three events back to back to back, yet.

And my wife and I frequently cycle and run/walk around the neighborhood and community multiple times a week, so swimming isn’t in the mix constantly yet while cycling and running still are.

As to the swim, thinking about this young gal’s thoughts, and associated comments around swimming with a pistol… I would likely employ something like this if swimming open water before hitting the bike, if I choose to carry while out for such events.

The whole triathlon concept was the catalyst for such conversation :wink:



I’m certain many will harp on me for this and give me the usual stuff that I have heard a million times but if a person is gonna do a triathlon where running and swimming and climbing is involved I M H O I think I’d leave the piece in the car or somewhere, unless it’s a Kel Tek P32 or Colt vest pocket but they are kinda heavy I know because I have one . I think people say things they don’t really mean on these things to sound a certain way like “I carry everywhere even in my trunks when I’m swimming” but I don’t believe everything I hear or read.


Heck I’ve even got a pair of underwear that holds a handgun, I think they call it “ crotch carry” no kidding, heck may as well have something down there lol.

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I have never gone swimming with a pistol but I have gone hiking on trails where you have to wade through streams and deep pools. I’ve also been kayaking on trips where a lot of water has gotten into the boat. I usually just keep a small pistol in a dry bag in a pack for these occasions. But it is not very accessible there.

This woman’s solution seems viable. A lot of people might wonder why you are wearing a fanny pack in the water but you could always pass it off as not wanting to leave your keys and wallet in a bag on the shore.

I’d be leery of just how waterproof that bag and zipper are though. I have had and seen a couple issues with those kinds of zippers and bags leaking in the past, especially after they have seen a little bit of use.


I didn’t watch the video, but I did take a one day pistol class where we had downpours. My feet were soaked in waterproof boots from the rain running down my clothes. The pistol survived and is no worse for the wear. Not saying I’d intentionally swim with a gun without something waterproof. Just making the point that a little moisture won’t immediately kill the gun.

Preparing for push back in 3…2…1…. :rofl:


I suspect most quality pistols would shoot just fine after swimming with them as long as you get the water out of the barrel before you pull the trigger and the ammo is reasonably well sealed.

Though I would be concerned about potential future internal rust issues if I didn’t do a complete strip down, drying, cleaning and oiling not too long after a complete submersion. Especially in salt water.

That level of extra cleaning is not something I would want to do on a regular basis.


Camelback… You’d have water and there are some tactical style packs that you could conceal and visually, others would only assume you have fluids for your training.

Just a thought :slightly_smiling_face:


Someone in the comments on the video talked about placing their pistol within a non-lubricated condom and tying it closed - wide opening, super stretchy and intended to be impermeable. My dad would pack water balloons and put one on the muzzle of his hunting rifle if it was snowing or raining … kinda the same idea :man_shrugging:

  • Now that I think about it, didn’t they rubber band condoms around the muzzle of the M4’s in the movie G.I. Jane?
    ~~ thoughts? The condom would likely remain water tight if it was tied well, and if it was a non-translucent wet bag (we have two, mostly water resistant translucent hip bags…)

And with the advancement of technology and medical stuff, and the need to carry insulin or an Epi-Pen (which I probably need to get a fresh prescription of)… one could argue having “emergency medical supplies and such“ in the hip pack.

As to “changing” between race stages, my understanding is most people only change water shoes to cycling cleats to running shoes, and possibly take off their wetsuit as they run to find their bike if the water temp so requires.
My wife mentioned seeing an athlete with an oversized towel simply wrapped around as they changed their bottoms.
My wardrobe plan would be a cycling Jersey top with three rear pockets and Triathlon Shorts designed for all three events. I’d leave cycling snacks and water on my bike frame.

… … we still haven’t actually signed up for the triathlon yet … … so there’s that too… … all conjecture and theory until the experiment is conducted. But it’s nice to chat through it with like-minded folks who are different experiences than myself.

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Simple setup for swimming illustrated