Carrying when (mountain)biking

Does anyone carry when biking or mountain biking? I typically get out into more remote areas when on a mountain bike and have come across some shady characters a few times. But I’ve never carried when riding simply because of ergonomics when riding (i.e. crouched forward with the legs pumping) and not being fond of off body carry (i.e. trying to affix it somewhere on the bike). Does anyone here carry when biking and have advice on effective carry options? Is this where belly bands start to make more sense? Or is affixing it on the bike the best option? Any recommendations on holster options?


Been eye-balling “Chest holsters”. Alien gear had one, but for revolvers. Did a 25 mile ride once. For more active excursions, I guess lighter ‘non-leather’ ones, due to sweat and moisture from the body, costing less as well. Kenai, exampled below was another maker. Amazon had different ones from $20 to $135.

On one of my rougher trails, I fell off my bike once, so choice of firearm and having one in the chamber or not might be study worthy as well.

I use a fanny pack (rotated around to my back). I used to have a jersy that had pockets in the back that I could put one in the middle pocket. The places I typically run into shady individuals are in parking lots, not on the trails. Enough that I really don’t go to those trail heads anymore.


I keep one in the bike bag attached to my frame. Can I win a quick-draw competition? No, but in an emergency, it’s infinitely better to have a firearm near than to not have one at all.

I have, on occasion, gotten caught in the awkward situation where I lock my bike at a location and then realize I have an unsecured firearm in the bag. I can’t walk away and leave it unsecured, but I don’t want to pull it out in public, either. Gotta plan ahead to avoid that. My wife doesn’t have that issue, she has those nice, removable commuter bags attached to her townie bike. She just unhooks the entire thing and it becomes a shoulder bag. No one ever needs to know what’s inside.


I occasionally use a fanny pack when biking. Pocket carry can also work with the right shorts, holster and gun combo.

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It is not the scary guys you see, it is the mountain lion you do not see that you might want to be able to defend yourself from. Where ever you decide to carry it, make sure you have quick access to it!


Yeah listen to santa he knows. ( Couldn’t help myself) but


I use my regular IWB holster.