Carry on a Motorcycle

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I carry OWB, currently, like I always do regular. No change for a ride.

My personal opinion: I am not going to be riding and shooting (or even drawing for that matter). If I am riding, I can be out of there far faster by using said throttle. Escape is a viable tactic. If I can’t escape/evade, I will be off the bike most likely, and can do my normal draw.


I’m a lefty so no throttle issues.

However, like @MarkinMT , I would rather ride to safety than shoot and ride at the same time.


Agreed,but I was thinking worst case scenario.

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I don’t know how I would feel trying a gun fight on a bike. To many truly vulnerable places on a bike, plus you have really got to worry about them using their vehicles weight against you.

If I know I’ve got the acceleration and no guns have started firing , yeah I would just run off. Another option would be to lock your brakes up and cross opposite side. But if I am well and truly stuck and have no alternative but to fight. I very well may lock it up and then use the bike for cover.

Biggest problem I am hearing from your description of your vest is no trigger guard.

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I think I have posted this before but most of the time if I am on the bike I am wearing a shoulder rig. I can draw with my left hand (take practice) but it is more of a last resort. I have also used CC vests as well as a the thigh bag like @Dawn.

Lots of things to think about, do you want or even should you try to draw and shoot while moving? If you cant escape on the bike do you know how to lay it down and survive?

My wife bought me a T-shirt that said on the back, “Have you ever seen a handgun fired from a moving motorcycle? If you dont back off you are about to.”



shooting while moving? hmmmm gives me some ideas, I am a lefty, I will fire up my trusty dirt bike, and fire some moving rounds on our range. Please dont tell the mrs, what I am up to. I’ll report later how it works. (I promise to be safe, and not wear my favorite blue robe)


Fired up the trusty dirt bike, with firearm holstered on left side as I am a lefty. Putted slowly out to our range, made a couple of passes, draw and fired one round at a target. Made another pass. Result, I am too slow, and too difficult to run the throttle and commence fire. Almost tipped the bike over, and almost hit the berm on one side. Also poor observance of rules of firearm safety. Confession: unable to control muzzle.

Therefore…Our motto “when in doubt, throttle out!”


I ride a 140 CI 09 Triumph Rocket 3 Classic - at 68 I’m new to gun ownership - got my 1st 2 in the past 30 days.

I’ve always traveled with 3 to 4 knives and they went into storage so I didn’t have to worry about asphalt to metal contact - in a “worst-case scenario”.

In that the chances of morphing into a Mad Max movie anytime soon, when I visit my gun guru Joe who has 3 gun safes and shopping for a 4th

All weapons and ammo will be in storage on the bike because I can not conjure up enough scenarios of gun to asphalt/auto high-speed contact where a bullet is somehow discharged

And I ride too fast to worry about cholesterol



I ride a Honda Goldwing, and carry my EDC at the 8:00 position. I have no problem with discomfort and my co-rider doesn’t notice my EDC either. I have seen riders bouncing down the road with their carry weapon hanging out in the wind just waiting for the right bump to fall on the road. Totally irresponsible and unsafe! Just as we wear our safety gear all the time, so should we secure our weapons when riding.

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Been riding since 1958 and my current bike is a Ninja 1000. I carry a Ruger LCR 38Sp in my CC Vest. I can’t think of any time that circumstances would dictate using a gun while on the bike. My first inclination would be to escape. The Ninja has adequate power to allow this


When riding . Ankle carry inside my left boot. Spare mags in mag pouch right boot. Of course Im carrying my back up .

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I ride a harley, and am also a lefty. I ALWAYS carry IWB at 9:00, in a holster with a mechanical retention system. I am not worried about my gun falling out of the holster, and also agree that throttle application is a better solution than trying to participate in a gunfight from a moving motorcycle.


This topic has aged a little, but I have just bought a motorcycle and was wondering how people are carrying. I see lot folks believe they will just drive off and out of trouble given they probably have the speed to do so. I guess that is true, but trying to think of all the different situations you could be in like getting gas, leaving the strip club (that’s a joke…I don’t leave), or going to the supermarket for a couple of items. I always take my cc tool with me as I’ve tried to follow the mantra of always being prepared. Think if someone in the supermarket in Boulder this morning was carrying, maybe a few less lives would have been taken.

I was thinking shoulder gear given that I’ve got quite a few COVID lbs on my and my IWB gear is really not that comfortable any more, plus it just doesn’t seem ideal on two wheels.

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Nice bike. I had an 08 Rocket for many years. I had a lot of electrical problems with mine, so it was kind of a love/hate relationship because of the reliability issues. But damn, when it was running there was nothing like it. I went with an Indian Scout this time around, but kind of wish I’d taken a chance on another Rocket because I miss that inline 3 growl every time I twist the throttle.

On my rocket I had also bolted a locking steel gun case inside the saddlebags, used some longer bolts through the mounting wholes for the bags so there was no easy way to remove it without some work. Gave me a place to secure the gun if I needed to. I usually just carry with an IWB holster on my right side, same as always. It’s hard for me to imagine a scenario where it is going to make much sense to try and draw and shoot while moving, so I don’t worry too much about that. Not saying it couldn’t happen, especially with the way some mobs now surround vehicles, but even then I’d probably be better off getting off the bike and fighting if I couldn’t ride out of the mess.

They are a bitch to ride - I just keep a 380 in a zipper compartment that goes into my pocket when I dismount

It sure has! I’ve gotten rid of the big bike and ride my own Softail Deluxe.

Riding and carrying go hand-in-hand as you always have to be aware of possible issues and have an escape route. I still use my Ukoala bag from time to time, but I’ve switched to appendix carry over the last few years. Much easier to carry/access in case of emergency.

Especially if you’re right handed, you’ll need that hand for the throttle. After a lot of conversations with other carrying riders, escape is probably our best option on a bike. If the bike is out of commission during the situation, then we may need the gun for defense.

My biggest issue is wearing gloves.
Otherwise, IWB cross draw at 1 o’clock works for me (I’m a lefty).

Have you tried shooting gloves for riding? I often wear unlined leather riding gloves, but my EDC has a long trigger and reset.

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Hmmm why didn’t I think of that? Thanks. I just found one that might work from Midway with Kevlar and even has touch screen capabilities.

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