It’s not a gun problem, it’s a human problem.


You saw videos of an insane, non-law-abiding citizen shooting out the doors of a church on HER way to a murderous rampage.


Firearms have been produced , you can’t take that back. with the availability of firearms you’re not going to keep evil-minded people from acquiring them. That is why we need to be proactive and prevent evil from being committed with firearms, legal or illegal. Gun-free zones only embolden evil-minded people, sane or insane. I’m not going to speed down a dead-end street with a vehicle, because I know it will come to an abrupt stop at the brick wall at the end of this street. Law-abiding citizens need to be that brick wall. Armed school security can be that brick wall. Am I making sense? I bought my first firearm at 69 years old, because I finally realized that the police are only minutes away when seconds count. And I’m to old to run and to old and slow to fight. I said before, the government complexes don’t need armed security, they can just pass more “common sense” gun laws. Use this security for the protection of our children and grandchildren. Stop all the wasteful government spending and use the tax dollars to protect the vulnerable . Just my opinion.


Makes sense


I strongly suspect, based upon her suicide text message to her friend, that this was “suicide by cop”. If so, it was an incredibly heinous and demonic way to go about it.

The “trans agenda” is warping society beyond comprehension.


If you have an emotionally disturbed person, whom you constantly convince she is a victim, and you treat that person with testosteron, known to cause anger and aggressive behavior - do you really need a crystal ball to see they will explode at some point?

The conversation about Medical Establishment declaring unwell people sound, failing to provide proper care, creating walking time bombs with certain drugs, is long overdue.




You forgot :sauropod: :sauropod: :sauropod: :t_rex: :t_rex:(RAWR Dinosaurs)


I got caught.


It’s always been a human problem.
Or they would have banned sticks and stones!


And it always will be a human problem. Even more so as we careen headlong down the woke path of moral relativism and an abandonment of truth.


My dilemma is still this.

Why don’t we just let the “woke” boulder careen down the hill and crash! Smashing all the little woke rocks below?
Unless someone wants to assist getting this bulls#$t over the hill!
We don’t deserve this kind of punishment! And the battle to keep our sanity and the dream alive was never this hard! We as a society pushed through a lot and came out better on the other side.
There is no other side, the rock ( woke ) keeps rolling back!

If my mythology is correct, shouldn’t Brandon be behind the rock?

Are we on the wrong side of the boulder?


Why can’t people just park a running car in a garage or something like that?
Sorry, I’m not trying to be insensitive to anyone who has lost a loved one by suicide. But I can’t understand how someone goes from “I want to kill myself” to “I want to force other people to kill me” or “I want to kill myself and a whole bunch of kids.”

Sorry, I’m just frustrated. I don’t want anyone to kill themselves, but if they’re determined to do it, there are plenty of ways to shut down our fragile human bodies without involving innocent people.


Completely agree with your post. Would also add that if someone is completely set on making themselves dead but doesn’t have the fortitude to do it to themselves they don’t have to kill a bunch of innocent people in order to force someone else to do it for them.

Just find some police officers and quickly draw and point an empty gun at them or charge at them with a dull axe or something. Just make sure there are no innocent people behind you in case the officers miss with a couple shots.

Not trying to make light of suicide here. It is a serious problem. I would also feel very bad for any LEO forced into an assisted suicide. But it would be better for everyone if these extra specially sick individuals put themselves first in line to have their lives ended instead of being the last life ended at these tragic events.


I don’t even think I could do death by cop. No matter how bad I think things are in my life, why do I have to ruin someone else’s life? Those officers involved are going to be pulled off duty while investigations are conducted, and some of them might need counseling because they just took a life, especially if they’re told the “perpetrator” was not a genuine threat but just someone who was depressed. All because I didn’t have the fortitude to deal with my own issues.


The answer: Columbine.

Columbine planted the idea, set the standard, gave insane 20-somethings something to try to beat.

Go out with a flash, be immortalized, do something big.

Thank you, media, for splashing it all over the front pages so kids get even more ideas.


Exactly this ^^^
They want to be remembered for something, no matter how horrific


I’m afraid there’s some truth to that.
All the more reason why the monsters’ names should never be printed or spoken. Remember the victims, but let the murderers be erased from our memory.


It’s a real thing.

We discuss this at the clinic from time to time as we grapple with the deep depressions we encounter in our teen and 20-something’s. Off the charts year over year the last 5 years.


Good proposal, erasing them from memory. But… Herostratus.