Israel - Hamas war

I’m definitely not in the globalist ranks (totally sounds like something a globalist would say!)

However, this statement I do agree with.

Thanos had it right!

We need a good plague, I had hopes for Covid, but it’s less deadly than the flu.


When we are all gods, the devil will have no power over us.


Yet how many died because of the Vax (Conspiracy theory or Fact?)
The actual Covid was a flu
The Vax was the Weapon–How many were conned, threatened w/ Job loss
Children’s safety, to hold out their arm’s? ‘You better…or else…’
what we need is an administrative change that has the People’s best interest in mind
NOT their own pockets. By the People for the People.


The Devil has no power over us now Sir.

We give it to him because he is a tricky, demented soulless wretch.

We should LOVE, instead we are turned into mistrusting one another
we are being brain washed to HATE
The Evil down here is very strong now
When I go HOME all this crap will fall away

God bless you Robert


My sister (a schoolteacher) was one who wasn’t given a choice.

I haven’t had a flu shot in over 30 years, you can guess my opinion on the covid vaccine! :wink:

Like to wager a guess which one of us has had severe symptoms of covid? :thinking:

Doesn’t have anything to do with war in Israel though.

And while war is a decent population control,… it only benefits the globalists who aren’t directly fighting in those wars that they started!

There, I brought it full circle back to the war at hand!

Sorry for the side track.


No Worries about side tracking , I have been known to take a neighborhood stroll around issues myself. (Like every post I make sometimes). :rofl: I’m sorry for your Sisters troubles (I mean that)
The Globalists NEVER are effected by any WAR (Until someone targets them)
Then their bodies just disappear and their Son’s and daughter’s take over.
They use us as Pawns for their sick games (my opinion)
Will, I am a little dense sometimes though, (War on Israel? I don’t think we talked about that?)
Stay Healthy Brother


We are made in the image of God we are half way there.


I agree brother, I Agree.

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Thank God Brother.

  1. When in a vehicle, stay in motion. Your vehicle provides some protection from gunfire so long as you stay inside it and keep moving. Sitting for protracted periods in a vehicle that isn’t moving is extremely dangerous!

This :point_up_2:

Also that, a man trying to escape a terror mob and running into more terror. At least there are options to get out of prison, there are none to get out of a grave.


In the video clip from the article - click the gear icon, then Subtitles, Auto-translate, choose English. Yootoogle does a semi-decent job.

“…the right to life overrides freedom of movement of the residents of …” the other place of bad reputation. Wow, what a concept for LE, for state security even :slight_smile:


Israel is being forced to cease fire…here are my terms.
Hamas releases every single hostage alive and unharmed in no less than 24 hours of the ceasefire. No food is distributed, all weapons seized and the perpetrators of Oct 7 nailed to a cross!
Pay “REPARATIONS” to all the victims of both the dead and alive, within 48 hours!
In addition, Hamas needs to expose every tunnel and blow them up!

If ANYTIME during or after the ceasefire, one hair, one bullet, one bad word from anyone that supports Hamas from Palestine, Iran or ANYWHERE from around the world that says one thing derogatory against Israel.
Israel will have a free hand to nuke the entire Gaza Strip as well as Iran and all enemies, immediately with no warning! Just BOOM! FAFO. How Stupid can the Jews be! How many holocaust’s does it take, to mean NEVER AGAIN. That’s a bullsh/t phrase! Or we would not be here!

Furthermore all these hostile college kids in the US must spend two - five years in Iraq or Iran and any professor who was involved in the uprising shall be expelled and punished! Preferably tarred and feathered, decapitated or burned alive! In front of their loved ones.


Latest update

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Your not violent…your blood thirsty…There’s a difference! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:You rock Brother, I concur


This was awesome. Latest update from FIDF(Friends of the Israel Defense Force).