Synagogue attack in Los Angeles

Jews in Los Angeles were attacked and beaten by a crowd of Hamas sympathizers while trying to enter their synagogue for payers.
Did you ever think this could happen in America?


Only since the 2020 election…anything is possible.


Sad, if you check the wrong box they celebrate when those that check the right box attack you.


A pro-Palestinian protest held outside a Los Angeles synagogue devolved into chaotic street violence with pro-Israel counterprotesters on Sunday in an incident that several officials, including President Joe Biden, criticized as antisemitic.

The Los Angeles Police Department said it responded to two protests Sunday in the predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Pico-Robertson, just south of Beverly Hills. Videos taken at the scene show police pushing pro-Palestinian protesters away from the entrance of the Adas Torah temple, an Orthodox synagogue.

Chants of “Free, free Palestine - from the river to the sea,” and “long live intifada,” could be heard from among the pro-Palestinian protesters. Participants blocked traffic, and video from the scene shows multiple altercations broke out in the middle of the street and on sidewalks.

Officers arrested a person with a “spiked flag,” the police department told CNN. The person was issued a citation for possessing a prohibited item during a protest and released from custody.

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I wonder if FJB will make a peep about this hate crime.

Just kidding. Not a phuckin chance.


He already did

The article I linked

“I’m appalled by the scenes outside of Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles. Intimidating Jewish congregants is dangerous, unconscionable, antisemitic, and un-American,” Biden said on X. “Americans have a right to peaceful protest. But blocking access to a house of worship – and engaging in violence – is never acceptable.”

The source (X):


Okay, so someone in the WH PR team recognized that it’s too blatant to ignore. I wonder what they’ll do about it besides a strongly worded tweet.


That’s what I was thinking


What do you want the federal government to do about incidents like this?

Arrest and prosecute offenders. The law is clear.

18 U.S.C. §249 says, “Whoever willfully causes bodily injury to someone or, through using a firearm, a firearm, a dangerous weapon, or an explosive or incendiary device, attempts to cause bodily injury to anyone, because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, or national origin of any person, shall be fined and imprisoned for up to ten years or life in prison if death results or the offense includes kidnapping, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to kill.”


You gotta be kidding me. This is cali, they’ll hand’s a $1,500 debt card and tell them we’re sorry the Jews offended you by having a place of worship.


The story of religious tolerance in the U.S. is more a myth than reality. When you look at the history books there are lots of instances of religion focused violence between the Protestants, Catholics, Mormons, Native Americans, etc. Many of them taking place in and around religious sites.

All of this has been going on long before America became a thing and will almost certainly be going on long after America has become a footnote in the history books.


Biden has been very pro Israel throughout his entire career. Including while president. His vocal and material support for Israel against Hamas has been getting him all sorts of flak from the radical progressive wing of his own party.

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Talk is cheap.


So you want more active federal government involvement, when there are protests or incidents involving religion, the federal government (FBI I suppose) should be coming in and charging people for all of those?

If the FBI is supposed to go after hate crimes for one side…
No, they would much rather go after Pastors & 70 year old grandmothers peacefully protesting at abortion clinics.


I am not aware of 70 year old grandmother’s peacefully protesting being arrested and charged by the FBI.

Just seeking explicit clarification to avoid putting words in your mouth that what you want is much more practice federal law enforcement involvement in local affairs. Typically in gun forum type areas we don’t see people wanting more federal LE involvement but that’s a fair request I suppose, nothing wrong with it per se

Sorry, she’s 75.

Hate crimes are a federal offense. They are on the books. Do I want the feds in our daily life more? HELL NO, but if you are going to favor one side over the other, that doesn’t fly either.


There may be discrepancy on what constitutes “peaceful”

“[The defendants] forcefully entered the clinic and set about blockading two clinic doors using their bodies, furniture, chains, and ropes,” the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia said.

I’d opine that forcefully entering private property is not “peaceful protest”

Did anyone forcefully enter the synagogue in this case and set up a blockade? That would seem to be what is needed to make it an apt comparison