“America is a Terrorist State!”

Godless, Christian-Hating, Pro-Palestinian Mob Disrupts Christmas Tree Lighting in Ypsilanti, Michigan – Chanting “America is a Terrorist State!” (VIDEO)

The group comprised of members from the LGBT community, Antifa, socialists and pro-Palestinian groups disrupted festivities for Michigan families attending a Christmas carol event and tree lighting.

They shouted slogans such as “America is a terrorist state” which forced the crowd to relocate to the Freighthouse.

This unfortunate incident ruined an evening that was meant to be enjoyed by all.


Shooting the messenger of good news.
Father, Father, Father, where is the love?
Makes me want to cry.


I dunno, at what point does the moms and dads in the crowd go “Hands On” to show their support for these group to get the hell out of there?


I think you are on the right track. Laying Hands On in prayer might not be what you mean. I don’t want to jump to conclusions or appear naive but seems like a good idea.


Well, it’s In Michigan where they used to serve McDonalds halal.


If I am inferring correctly, at the point that going to prison is a better outcome that what happens if they don’t go hands on, and understanding that going hands on with someone can lead to one being injured or killed.


Or roll over, go fetal, give them the street, give them the voice? At some point we have got to stop loosing in the name of civility, god knows they aren’t civil.


Resorting to violence to avoid “giving” someone a public street probably isn’t the answer

That awareeness, avoidance, deescelation mantra and "shark tank analogy’ applies.

Avoid Danger to me means not initiating or willingly participating in physical altercations over demonstrations in the street


Unless it it brought to the Town Square during the lighting of the Town Christmas Tree, then I’m no longer Avoiding it, I’m confronting it. I have no duty to retreat.

From|Index|Utah Code|
| — | — |
|Title 76|Utah Criminal Code|
|Chapter 2|Principles of Criminal Responsibility|
|Part 4|Justification Excluding Criminal Responsibility|
|Section 402|Force in defense of person – Forcible felony defined.

(Effective 5/4/2022)|

" (4) Except as provided in Subsection (3)(a)(iii):

(a) an individual does not have a duty to retreat from the force or threatened force described in Subsection (2) in a place where that individual has lawfully entered or remained; and

(b) the failure of an individual to retreat under the provisions of Subsection (4)(a) is not a relevant factor in determining whether the individual who used or threatened force acted reasonably."


Who would be defending themselves from force or threat of force, and not retreating, in this situation? Rhetorical question to consider seriously before voluntarily going hands on with a crowd in the street.



Non-Democrat politicians just got powerful video to advance their campaigns. If they are willing to use it.


It was a targeted attack and my frustration is with LEO who allowed it to happen. If @Mike164 showed up to counter and it became physical, he would be the first arrested.


If you choose not to avoid, but rather confront, and put your hands on other people who are in a public place in an attempt to get them to leave…it seems reasonable to be the first arrested.

Avoid Danger, Save Lives, Keep your family safe


Let’s just say, as a free American I decided to join the festivities, which I usually do to support the community.
Then, the group showed up.
Take note who initiated the “confrontation.”
It takes two to argue.
Until they showed up, there was no confrontation.

When does avoidance come into play?


In November 2024, of course. The way this works, I think, you wont be able to avoid the Palestinian Trantifa at polling places. Thankfully, secure vote by mail will be available.


When you choose not to put your hands on other people over a disagreement.

When you choose not to use or threaten force.

When you choose not to try to remove people from a public street.

A verbal discussion or disagreement or argument is one thing. Escalating it to physical/force/putting hands on is another


For the life of me I can’t understand LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ groups supporting Islam! Do they know what happens to them under Sharia law???


Right, but what I’m pointing out is when fascists make the first move.
They chose to confront.
Judging from their past actions, they come prepared.

I’m all for avoidance but when one’s trapped by the ba$turd$ right in the middle of a peaceful and festive event, what choice do I have?


We seem to be discussing different scenarios. I’m responding to the suggestion that people go hands on and use force to remove those with whom they disagree. Being trapped and attacked is a very different scenario…possibly the scenario the protesters will perceive themselves to be in if those who disagree start going hands on with them.

If staying safe and not going to jail/prison is the main goal, avoiding these situations entirely by not going or by leaving when it becomes contentious is probably a good idea