“Calling Forth the Militia”


They’re here in numbers. Hail to the Traitor in Chief!


The MOSSAD…warned New York, Michigan, and Florida to prepare for coming terrorist violence… “Keep your cellphone handy and your eyes open.”

Something is missing from this recommendation… The reason for high casualty rate among civilians is clearer though.


When you chant “…fry’em like bacon!” without chanting “fry 'em like bacon”.


At the rate the enemy has penetrated the southern border, this would not suprise me. Something like this has been brewing for decades. I spent a year on the border in 2008 with the National Guard. The Border Patrol was capturing middle eastern young men all the time.

Is this the moment that the sleeper cells are finally cut loose? When will they have a better opportunity than now? Especially with pudding pants in charge.


Isn’t this what our very own S.F. do in other countries? Move in and get the public on their side, teach them train them and send them to fight?
Get a few 100,000 soldiers to cross into The United States, have them teach and train (Convert) 500,000 left thinking 20 somethings, then on that big day they attack, everywhere, like a virus. Knowing this is possible and actually probable our Federal Government does ZIPPO NADDA NOTHING. They don’t stop them from coming in, they don’t stop them from consuming our young men and women, they don’t show Us the American citizens how to defend against them, in fact they work hard to make it so we can’t.