Is a Bigger IWB Holster Better?

I really appreciate how easy and comfortable concealed carry can be during the couple of days of winter we have in Florida. Having that t-shirt between your skin and firearm makes a world of difference in comfort. After those couple of days are past it’s back to holster and pistol grip rubbing back and forth against bare skin in high heat and humidity.

My focus is concealed carry of a Sig Sauer P938 subcompact 9mm. Not saying I have the solution, but thought I would share my four year journey trying to come up with a comfortable waist carry solution living in Florida.

The first “comfortable” solution was easy – pocket carry. Been through a couple of pocket holsters and I like the Galco Center Cut Steerhide Pocket Holster the best: It works well in either front or rear pocket. I was surprised that sitting on your gun is not at all uncomfortable; in fact it offsets my wallet and takes pressure off the lower back. The big disadvantage is drawing is relatively slow when standing, and almost impossible if sitting. Drawing from the rear pocket is easier because it replicates pulling your wallet out.

Not being fully pleased with the pocket solution I invested in a “single clip” IWB hybrid holster; leather backer with a kydex shell:
This was much easier to draw, but offered a couple of disadvantages:

  1. The total stack up was thick, leather backer, firearm, kydex shell, plastic clip.
  2. The leather rubbed back and forth across the skin.
  3. The original rubber grips grabbed and rubbed back and forth across the skin. Replacing the rubber grips with G10 grips was a huge improvement.

To reduce stack up thickness, I changed to an OWB approach using the same kydex shell. The leather on it actually rubbed worse than the IWB, so I cut it down as shown and greatly improved comfort:
IWB backer shown beside “cut down” OWB

Again this worked pretty well except didn’t take much reaching for the top shelf to expose it.

So, to the Is Bigger Better question. I went all the way down the rabbit hole last week and bought a two clip backer for the same kydex shell:
image image
As you can see they have improved their backing design over the years and this one features a breathable mesh that vents out the sides while keeping the firearm dry. After wearing it daily for a week now I have to say I am a pretty satisfied customer. The first day I had it was 94 degrees at 75% RH. I expected a breakin period, but it didn’t need it. I had avoided this design from the get go thinking all the extra mass was going to be hotter, harder to conceal, and more abrasive to the skin. What can I say, “I was wrong!”

Disclaimer: I have no vested interest in either Galco, or Black Arch Holsters.


I have a Black Arch for my PX4 Storm Compact (my winter gun) and I really like it. The wrap around kydex provides good retention on the larger gun and it is comfortable.

My favorite carry gun is also the P938 & I’ve done the same search(es) with Poor Results. I’d appreciate it if You’d post (or reply) with the company & model You’re using BUT I fear that it may not work for Me since both My P938s are equipped with an Under-Muzzle grip activated Laser Sight (made by ArmaLaser) which allows Quick On-Target shot placement. I Refuse to go without that attachment since I can place 4 of 5 rounds inside the Bullseye at 30 Ft. using it in rapid fire.

Hi @Les4, this is a link to Black Arch IWB Holsters:

The one I bought is the “Protos”. I did not see P938 with Laser Sight listed, but I have called them in the past and sometimes they will offer items not on the website, so it might be worth a call.

Edit: The individual backers are on this page:

Edit #2: Looks like both the single and dual clip versions have the web backing now, the single clip did not have web backing when I purchased.

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Thanx Much Gary,

I’ll give them a shout & let You know the results.

Take Care,


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I like the Black Arch concept on IWB holsters. I just can’t do IWB. I buy bigger pants, and then I need a new belt… But it is a well made holster, and comfortable the few times I wore it.


Hi Gary

Bad news for Me !

I ordered the Holster & got Confirmation But

I sent an email to confirm that it would

accommodate the Laser.

It won’t so Order is canceled.


Thanx anyway


Sorry to hear that :-1: