Is a back up gun legal for civilian?

New to the group I love the USCCA reciprocity map/content and it is one of the things that led me to this community. As background, when preparing for travel, I have read the details for a dozen states and even the statutes for a few states (as a non-lawyer)

One answer I can’t find is an authoritative source for the detail of " is a BUG/two gun carry allowed?"

Can anyone point me at a source to find such information?

I know there are strong opinions on if there is any valid need for backup carry, and I am also considering the pros /cons of those arguments but, there is enough potential benefit for my use cases to want to know a definitive legal answer.

Thanks in advance.


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In Illinois, the State criticized by others, we do not have any legal problems carrying backup guns. We can carry as many firearms as we can as long as they are concealed.

But… is the backup needed? I personally don’t like such setup.
I prefer to carry reliable handgun and use it efficiently instead of counting on backup gun.


You would need to check your state laws. I know some states have only one firearm recorded on your CC permit/license. In my state, Virginia, there is no issue with carrying as many as you want.


Even in my home state,I can’t find coverage in the concealed carry statute. Do you know if there is a certain section or keyword that might lead me there? Or is there a separate document all together?


To my knowledge, there is only one state that limits you to just one conceal carry gun, and that is New Mexico.

I’m not a lawyer but I’m pretty confident stating that no other state prevents an otherwise lawful carrier from carrying two handguns

You can read it on the USCCA Reciprocity map for New Mexico and you can note that it won’t read that way on other states

No. However, state law limits concealed carry license holders to carrying one concealed gun at any given time. However, any number of firearms can be openly carried.

[N.M. Admin. Code §]




Thanks for the details. Yes, I keep looking for but not finding an explicit declaration of more than one allowed. Appreciate the effort


Welcome to the community!
With so many knowledgeable people active you will be pointed in the right direction.
I would say “Check your local listings”, state laws for where ever you are.
I have enough trouble getting my shoe laces tied in the morning so trust me when I trll you I’m not an attorney.


That is because, again not a lawyer, but, there isn’t an explicit declaration allowing more than one.

You don’t generally need to look for laws saying you CAN do something. “That which is not illegal is legal” is generally how the US works.

That can be difficult because, well, just because we can’t find a law saying no that doesn’t mean said law doesn’t exist. It feels more confident to find the law that says “yes”. But, in this case, I’m pretty confident there isn’t such a law. Except in NM where you can only carry 1 concealed pistol


Hello and welcome @Mc1


I carry a backup everyday. NAA .22 Mag mini revolver. This is my typical EDC


Even behind the Iron Curtain in Kalifornia, I’m allowed to bring two as long as they’re listed on my CCW permit.
A third or fourth must be unloaded and locked in a locked container.


Welcome to the Ilinois… we’re good if we conceal…


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Interesting question.

Counting my blessings, that it’s legal in the state I reside in. Sure hope it’s allowed, it would seem to me to be a fair right, but as I’m learning from the others, check our local listings. Wow.

I’ll sure keep my eyes peeled here for others.

But now I’m curious, maybe other strings posted but I’d be interested in folks’ choices for their back up.

When Covid was at its highest, remember when we all stood in long lines at the range/shop, talking with those in front or behind us?

One cute older couple were in front of me, I’ll never forget them - the husband said to me, “I drive a truck for a living, and one is none but two is one”; He told me he was getting a small firearm for his back-up.

I normally don’t double carry, but if I did, I might personally prefer:

.22 revolver or semi or a
.357 snubby if in the deep woods, but not a fan of the weight on long trails.

Safe travels Mc1.


See above. New Mexico limits to 1 concealed handgun

I am pretty certain that is the only limitation of its kind in the US though


I like the NAA mini in 22 Mag


A quick information search appears to show that you’re correct; New Mexico is the only state which currently restricts concealed carry to a single firearm. If there’s another state out there with a similar restriction, it didn’t come up in my search.


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To your question: I HAVE NO IDEA ! (1) Gun, (2) Gun, (3) Guns More! Not a clue !
BUT apparently you CAN’T carry more than one in Nuevo Mexico! (heard from a credible source somewhere!)
It would be kinda helpful if you mentioned what State you are in to get the real answers—just sayin’

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