Iowa new constitutional carry law signed by Governor Reynolds

Here is an article about the new law HF 756.

This measure also has a provision stating that (once it goes into effect) landlords cannot restrict private gun ownership for tenants within their own units (assuming all such possessions are legal and with safe storage).
Great news IMO!


Constitutional Carry, not Constitutional Ownership. Big difference.

“We will never be able to outlaw or prevent every single bad actor from getting a gun, but what we can do is ensure law-abiding citizens have full access to their constitutional rights while keeping Iowans safe,” the Osceola Republican said in the statement.

Exactly, 100% correct. Unfortunately, those opposed to facts and reason will never accept/understand(?) that universal truth. They don’t believe drug laws work, but claim more “gun control” laws will work. Based on the evidence, the “will work” part is the part that makes legal ownership more onerous, costly, and legally perilous, making law-abiding citizens not want to own firearms do to cost and fear of being entrapped by the Byzantine laws. Based on that, it would be reasonable to assume that is the actual goal of “gun control”.


Im just waiting on all the calls for “cars to be banned” since a car was used to "assault the gate to DC and an LEO.

No disrespect to those impacted by that incident. But is same “thought process” to “gun grabbers”.


Somehow they beat us ( TN.) from becoming the 19th state of the union to have some form of constitutional carry. Our governor started the bill here and now that it sits on his desk he is be slow to sign it, go figure.

I believe “semis” should be banned, they are likely to be just as dangerous as “autos”, and as they are much larger, clearly present a much greater danger to society. We need to go back to horse-drawn carriages to make us safer, as that was the only mode of travel back when our Constitution was written. The Founding Fathers clearly could not have envisioned horseless carriages, and, God forbid, jet-powered aircraft.

lol no computers…no women in Congress…how did they ever win the Revolution