Into the Fray: Extreme Close Quarters Fighting

When you’re in a close-quarters fight, what should you do? @KevinM suggests stepping toward your attacker!

Do you train for physical defense closer than 5 feet?


@KevinM is 100% right here.
In 3 ft - 5 ft distance:

  • If you have gun in your hands, step back. Remember, your opponent can grab your firearm if you are too close.
  • If you see gun pointed on you - step forward the attacker but get out of the line of the gun the same time. Then grab it and fight - use your legs !!! This behavior is always surprise for attacker.

Hard to train it at home. :expressionless:

Yes. I use much the same position, there is a fighting position from Escrima that is similar to that starting positition that I have adapted to use with other legal self defense items.

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There is going to be a gun retention seminar at the 2020 USCCA’S convention all 3 days I think it’s going to be $35-$50 per seminar. There are actually doing several really good hands on seminars. As well as a hands on seminar on confronting an active shooter.

Just mentioning as those will be chances to train on things most don’t get to train much.


I’ve trained in the past and will again in the future (military, self defense classes/gun retention classes)…but not regularly around the house…I should…I know.

I know it’s Conan, but this is how I was trained and still train. The distraction method I use is to look past the intruder quickly making them think someone is behind them. The exception here is my left foot swinging behind their knees while my right elbow impacts their head, thus tripping up the attacker. It is very easy to do, but you need to practice. And yes, it is very possible to end up with their weapon in your hand. Warning… I have sprained a few of my training partners wrists doing this. Oops.

If the bad guy has a hold on your weapon, yank it backwards and pull the trigger. They will let go.

If you do not have a weapon in hand and they do…forget yours

Deflection or Capture
Violence of Action
Unrelenting Attack

Bad breath range means you are too close to enable a weapon. EXPLODE against your attacker. Deflect if you must, Capture if you can the others weapon. All the human “squishy bits” are in play, eyes, throat, solar plexus, groin, knee caps, feet. Drive them back and DO NOT break contact unless they go to the ground in which case extend your position with your FEET, do not lean over ON TO an attacker, kick and stomp to your best advantage.

Attack until the threat is stopped and then secure the weapon that was used against you. Then break contact and retreat. Look for their buddies.

Short, simple and brutal.



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@Craig6 Love the warrior attitude. All I can add is, if neccessary, rinse and repeat.

Skip the rinse.