CQC firearm retention

Just found this on YouTube. Hope its helpful!


@AdamHutch. Hey buddy, thanks for sharing these videos with us. :+1:

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Elbow fighting is one of the most effective bad breath range methodologies for a fight. I will admit I have never seen the two hands on the gun method that the first video showed but I will certainly have to take a deeper look into that. Good stuff thanks @AdamHutch !!!




Very nice videos and great training logic. As someone who took MMA for several years this could be nicely added into self-defense.

The elbow one is really nice if you need to do some damage. But I never seen the double hand on the gun technique before, which is interesting.

The comandos training one is very simple but effective.


Good information, Thanks for sharing!!


Thanks for that, a good pair of vid’s, could immediately see it.
Puts a revolver in a different light too.


Hey, I took a class from Officer Gulla a couple years ago in Louisville…(thanks USCCA!!!)

I see the class is being offered again in April in Nashville…great session, just sayin… :+1:


First video is spectacular, Good knowledge to have. The second video is great if I was younger and able to lift my legs like that. I am not that limber anymore for those type of shenanigan’s you young whipper snappers!


Yeah, I hear you. I’m barely able to walk with a cane. I’d be lucky to pull off 30 seconds of the technique in the first video. I do have a pretty short pistol, a Beretta APX Compact, so I’d really need to watch my fingers. I’m seriously considering getting a full size APX, as the pricing is pretty decent right now, and I’m quite impressed with the Compact I have.
I’m not sure about a training class with multiple students. Standing in one place is really tough for me. I can walk for much longer than I can stand still, as odd as that sounds. I guess private lessons are the best option considering my situation.