Hello everyone I’m currently In the military and I have got a concealed weapons permit(CWP) from the state of South Carolina. I am a resident of Michigan and on my CWP it has my home address on there. I’m just wondering if my permit is accepted here in Michigan or do I have to apply for a concealed pistol license which they have here?


Thank you for your service, @Aporto!

Quick question, are you moving back to Michigan permanently or visiting? If you’re moving back permanently - get the Michigan permit.

You can find Michigan permit information here:

Is your CWP from SC considered a resident CWP? If it is considered a resident permit, you’re set to visit. If it’s considered a non-resident permit, it won’t be honored in Michigan.

You can find the South Carolina laws here:
Welcome to the Community! Let us know if you have any more questions!


Welcome to the family brother and thank you for your service.