CPL License in multiple states

I am a resident of and CPL holder in Michigan, and I am sure that many of you have heard of the ATF’s recent decision to disallow the Michigan CPL as a valid background check for the purchase of firearms. This has me worried that as states evaluate reciprocity, as this decision highlights possible deficiencies in the Michigan CPL process. As such, it has me wondering about getting a CPL in a state as a non-resident so that I can be confident in carrying as I travel. Does anyone have any experience with getting a non-resident CPL? I say that knowing that every state’s laws are different.

Welcome to the Community, @Brian139! Wisconsin - and many other states - have never allowed the CPL as a replacement for a background check so I don’t think it’s anything about the deficiency of the permit. It’s more about what “you” may have done in the time you since you’ve received your permit, than the actual permit process itself.

Having other non-resident permits is helpful when you travel. Two of the more popular are Florida and Utah. Here are the links to the laws of those states and the details about how to get a non-resident permit in those states:



Be sure to check if there are any restrictions for the permits in other states (for example some states don’t honor a Utah non-resident permits the same the would honor a Utah resident permit).

Hope this helps!

@Brian139 - I added the Florida nonresident license which added several more states to my travel list. It was easy to do and I did everything by mail. You can get their form on line.
I also understand that Utah is a good non-resident license to get. It will also add a few extra states to your list of carry states.
I am not sure there is much you can do to get you into California, Illinois, New Jersey or New York, and probably a few more. I just avoid going to those states as much as possible.

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Thanks Dawn, appreciate the info. The one thing is that what triggered this was an audit the ATF did with the Michigan State Police triggered by the state allowing recreational marijuana.

Here is a link to the letter sent to Michigan FFL’s regarding the dis-allowance of a CPL as a background check. So, to your point, it is not about the requirements, but who could potentially be issued a Michigan CPL. Specifically, the ATF found that permits had been issued to users of Marijuana as well as people not allowed to own firearms due to convictions for domestic violence.


Recreational marijuana is not a good idea for gun owners. It’s not something I would suggest doing/trying as it can affect your ability to purchase a firearm or carry. :frowning:


No it is not, and the ATF was right to amend the wording in question 11.E. on the 4473 a few years ago. As more states pseudo-legalize it, I would expect what happened with Michigan to happen to other states. I dont understand the desire to use or legalize it, but that is for people smarter than me to figure out.


I can touch on Utah as a non-resident specifically.

To obtain Utah as a non-resident, you first must have a permit in your State of residence if they provide one. Then you need to take a Utah specific course, from a Utah certified instructor. Yes, they have people all over, not just in Utah.

I first received Utah before the resident State requirement, and as such did not have one for Montana. I also had Washington and Connecticut at the time. Anyway, I figured I would be grandfathered in when they added that requirement; I was not. When you renew, they ask for the permit. So, in my case, I had to go get a Montana permit. FWIW, Montana is about 98% permitless, the other 2% is in town.


CPL? Please write it out the first time you use an acronym.

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I believe that stands for Concealed Pistol License maybe.

In Indiana, it’s pay the fees and have a blast! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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