A resident with an out of state license

Dumb question for ya

I have a man with an out of state license who wants to take my class.
I can give him a class no problem. But he will need to up date his license in order to apply for a permit correct?


Depends on the state and if he’s applying for a non-resident or a resident permit, @Derrick12. I’ve had people from out of state who have recently purchased a summer home in Wisconsin take my class even though they weren’t going to get a WI permit. They could already legally carry here with their home state permit’s reciprocity, but they wanted to know the laws.

Granted, if they are moving to a new state permanently, they’re going to want to update their ID and get a permit in their new home state ASAP.


Definitely depends on the State. As a Michigan resident I have a Michigan CPL and a non resident Arizona CPL. The purpose of the non resident CPL is to exempt myself from “pistol registration”.

The laws between the different States are often confusing and frequently arbitrary.

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