Arizona gun liscense

I noticed people in Michigan are getting their Arizona cpl so they dont have register their guns in Michigan does anyone know if this is legal? The only thing I can see as a benefit would be not having to register your guns from what I read anyone know if this is true an if there are other benefits to having the Arizona license

Legally, handguns can only be purchased in your home state, @Casey. If you purchase it out of state it needs to be sent to an FFL in your state for all of the necessary paperwork.

“Generally, for a person to lawfully transfer a firearm to an unlicensed person who resides out of State, the firearm must be shipped to a Federal firearms licensee (FFL) within the transferee’s State of residence. The transferee may then receive the firearm from the FFL upon completion of an ATF Form 4473 and a NICS background check.”

An Arizona CCW doesn’t give a Michigan resident any additional state reciprocity that I can tell from our map, so I don’t know why they would get an AZ permit.

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@Dawn that’s what I was thinking but seems they still buy the gun in Michigan but dont register it because they have the az. ccw seems shady to me!

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The firearms are still purchased in Michigan. Michigan doesn’t have a true handgun registration. Rather sales are tracked instead. Since many states don’t require registration, or in this case sales records, there had to be wordage in the law to allow for people moving from those states. This is where non resident cpls come in. They allow you to sidestep the tracking process legally. The only other option would be for folks coming from those states being required to commit a felony by falsifying documents. Obviously they cannot list themselves as both buyer and seller, legally you cant do that.
Additionally, if you build your own, such as AR pistols, you absolutely want to have one of the nonresident cpls from another state because once again you cannot list yourself as both buyer and seller, this is a felony. MSP has you do exactly this when building your own or coming from another state.
Hopefully this helps clear that up. Also, Arizona is not the only state that allows for non residents to get a cpl, it’s just the most popular due to them accepting our CPLs as proof of training.

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Sorry, I’m not following you @Spence. You have to have a background check to purchase a gun legally and it has to be in your home state with a valid state ID. How would an out-of-state permit change anything there?

If you’re moving, you don’t need to send your firearms through an FFL as you’re not selling them at all.

It doesn’t. All it does is let you take the piece of paper you’re supposed to turn in to your local PD and do what you want with it.
Not “registering” is a civil infraction with a one time fine of $250. Having an out of state CPL exempts you from the civil infraction. I know I’m not explaining it as well as the attorneys at Michigan Open Carry do, i apologize for that.
Let me go tether my pc and hopefully i can snag you some links that explain it better.

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Here, this link is to Michigan Open Carry’s article.

I was going to link to the MCL they are listing but the link breaks. Very clearly does it list in MCL 28.432 (1)(f) that an exempt individual is " " A United States citizen holding a license to carry a pistol concealed upon his or her person issued by another state . “”

This is in regards to “registration”.
Hopefully Michigan just does away with registration in the future

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Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out, @Spence Sounds like it’s a useful loophole to some.

Yeah I was confused as to why it was done also I know when buying a gun in Michigan ya had to turn in the registration but was unsure of the reasoning behind having the out of state cpl also I’m glad you chimed in @Spence also welcome to the group

Thank you. Hopefully you find that information helpful. I’m not going to advocate for it one way or another, i’m just passing information along that I believe to be true. And based on what information I’ve read, obtaining an out of state non resident CPL is the only way to legally build your own AR pistols in Michigan. I may be wrong, but since that’s something I plan on doing eventually I’m not taking any chances!


It just came to my attention that the Prosecuting Attorneys Office of Sterling Heights Michigan was just forced into dropping charges against a gentleman with an “unregistered” pistol because of his nonresident Arizona CPL.

After being presented with the exact wording of the law and the mans Arizona CPL the prosecutor admitted he didn’t have a case and dropped the charges entirely.