Purchasing my first gun ever in the US and in Michigan

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The gun I have been trying to find since COVID started is finally in stock at a Bass Pro store located in Auburn Hills, MI. I need instructions on how to proceed. I’m a green card holder and I don’t want to risk my immigration status by unintentionally making a mistake during purchase and once I take possession of the gun.

Please tell me step by step on what do I need to do starting from ordering the pistol online, picking it up and registering at a Police Station. Any extra information you feel necessary is greatly appreciated.

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Interesting question.

Michigan Concealed Carry Handgun Laws | USCCA Reciprocity Map(Last Updated 05/18/2021) (usconcealedcarry.com)

The USCCA page on Michigan mentions a residency requirement, but says the conceal carry license is open to “a citizen of the U.S. or a lawfully admitted alien;” Based on what that says, if you apply for a concealed carry license and get it, you should have no problem purchasing a firearm. And applying for the license could demonstrate to the seller that you’ve already had a background check.

I’ll be curious to see if anyone from Michigan has more information.


Interesting indeed…

From federal law perspective you are good to go.
I don’t think State of Michigan will think differently…

An alien legally in the U.S. is not prohibited from purchasing firearms unless the alien is admitted into the U.S. under a nonimmigrant visa and does not meet one of the exceptions as provided in 18 U.S.C. 922(y)(2), such as possession of a valid hunting license or permit.

[18 U.S.C. 922 (d)(5), (g)(5) and (y)(2); 27 CFR 478.11 and 478.32(a)(5) ]
source: www.aft.gov


My bad, I forgot to mention that I do have the CPL license…


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I would start with Local Gun Store /FFL.
They should walk you through the whole process.

BTW… I’m not sure if Bass Pro is a good start… I’ve got bad experience with them…


As far as purchasing online, I don’t need to check for anything before ordering?

Brand new pistol in the box, what can go wrong? This is the only place I found that have the pistol in stock…


You should be good to go. It is a good idea to check with your FFL of choice first to make sure they will accept your transfer from the online dealer. They may need to send that dealer their FFL info if the dealer doesn’t have it on file already. Also ask what they charge for the transfer. Fees are high these days but some charge less than others.

When you pick up your new firearm at the FFL just take your time and carefully read every question on the 4473 form. There are a couple that relate to residency. Don’t think it will be an issue if you answer them all correctly.

It is always good to check out your new purchase before signing the paperwork to make sure it is exactly what you ordered and doesn’t have any obvious damage from shipping. I have only had one issue when the dealer sent an older model of the rifle I had ordered. Had to wait another week for them to ship out the right one.

Welcome to the club!


If Bass Shop is the only local store, just ask them how to proceed. Definitely you will be given better advices regarding Michigan Law than here.
Ask about FFL fees and all paperwork required.
Once you know the procedures, just buy whatever you like online.
Remember - you are not firearm owner until it’s handed over to you by FFL. Whatever is wrong with the firearm out of the box - FFL dealer can send it back to online store.
FFL does its job, but you should do basic function check before taking the firearm with you.
All legal and easy, once you know the procedure.

Almost every handgun bought by me came from Internet store through my FFL.

BTW: just buy M&P9… 100% perfection out of the box… and not the same “Perfection” like others say… :smiling_imp: :crazy_face:


Hi Fadl. Maybe also check with your city, and county. Where I’m at, we don’t need to register with a police station, but I don’t know your town of course. Also, please check the laws for the number of rounds max capacity on the firearm, for your city, county, and state, before you buy.

If your item is no longer in stock, please don’t let that get you down, you can always find a 2nd or 3rd choice, then later – once your first choice is available again, you can obtain it.

Costs: Some stores charge a fee if you owe a balance at pick up and use “plastic” as opposed to a personal check or cash. So bring both prn. My local shops charge a fee for the background check, I think it was about $5; heard some shops or states charge a wee but more. If the store ordered the “arm” for me, they don’t charge extra, but if I ordered it from another store and had it delivered to them, they do charge me anywhere from $50 to $100 to serve as a FFL liaison.:frowning:

I’ve never purchased an “arm” at/in MI, but here’s the form (4473 below) I have to fill out at the shop where I’d pick up my “arm”. If you’ve never done it before, please read this one. The shop should have one for you, and they may prefer you use theirs.

4473: Note Q. #20 “If you are an alien, record your U.S.-issued alien or admission number (AR#, USCIS#, or I94#):” Not sure if that applies, but bring your papers and or numbers with you. My ancestors are immigrants, I lost count how many times immigrants saved my " _ _ _ "; So when I read ‘alien’ on the form, I think of life from another planet, but that’s on another different Post.

In your case friend, please read all 6 pages twice. I’m lucky in that I’m US born, and filled out my first 4473 correctly and passed it. I heard horror stories of others who made one error and failed the background check, having to wait months later. In the shop, no one wants to read every word, it takes too long, so read it at home.

Maybe type in the search feature here for ideas for “new gun buyers”; there are some other posts with tips and resources, cuz I can go on forever. Best to you friend.


Form 4473:


I agree with @Jerzy 100 percent.


Did H&K buy S&W?:wink:


Hopefully not :wink:
But American perfection is very close to German one…


In my experience BassPro is an FFL, at least in Florida, but I would think they would be an FFL at any of their locations. I have purchased from them 2 times and they did not charge any additional for making the transfer.


I have had my eyes on the Beretta 92X Performance the day I got my CPL license :slight_smile:


Last UpdatedAPRIL 12, 2021

Michigan requires handgun sellers to report transaction information to local law enforcement.1 In Michigan, once a handgun purchase license is issued, three copies are delivered to the applicant by the licensing authority (i.e., local law enforcement).2 When the handgun sale is made, the seller must fill out the license forms describing the handgun, listing the date of sale and indicating that the handgun was sold to the licensee.3 Both the seller and the licensee must sign the license forms.4 The seller may retain a copy of the license as a record of the sale, and the license holder (purchaser) must return the other two copies to local law enforcement within 10 days (one copy is retained by local law enforcement as the official record for a minimum period of six years, and the other is forwarded to the State Police within 48 hours of its receipt).5 In addition, local law enforcement must electronically enter information about the handgun into the State Police database if it has the ability to electronically enter that information, or otherwise provide that information as the State Police requires.6


Food for thought … Compare local pricing to buying on line. It’s possible that by the time you pay shipping and FFL/transfer fees etc. you may break even buying local at a higher price; even if they have to order it for you.


I can provide my experience in Florida.

At the time, as a legal alien, aka permanent resident, I took the course to obtain my CCP. It was a joke, but a legal requirement. I’m fortunate to be an experienced firearms user in the UK when it was still legal. Also, my wife is a qualified instructor, so continued training was not an issue.

When collecting the gun, obviously I had to provide my alien number amongst other information, just a formality.

Usually, the back ground check for citizens is done very quickly, at most an hour. As an alien, I believe enhanced checks are made, which take longer. The places I have purchased from tell me to call / visit them next day. I’ve never had a problem, but have avouded buying from a gun show for this very reason. Hopefully, now I’m a citizen, the process will be much quicker.


I too am a Green card holder with residence in Michigan. Don’t overthink and complicate things. if you’re having a firearm shipped in to a local FFL(I don’t recommend an undedicated firearm dealer such as big box stores because the person behind the counter doesn’t know squat usually), and when ya go to pick it up and you fill out the 4473, Put your Green card’s A# where it asks and let the FFL make a copy of your Green card along with your DL. It will automatically get delayed a day and ask them to call you when they get the go to proceed. Then you go pick the firearm up. If it’s a pistol, I’ve just gone to the local P.D. and dropped off the MSP’s copy of sale within 10 days for registration. Voila! Good to go!


Wrong! You give the local PD ONE copy to forward to the MSP only! The other is for the customer’s retention(even says customer copy on one and MSP copy on the other). The registration is for MSP only. There is NO reason for ANY PD to retain a copy as they can access the MSP’s records anytime they feel they should need too. You can turn the MSP copy in at ANY PD, doesn’t have to be your residence’s PD.