Where to Purchase my First Pistol in Michigan?

So I got my CPL here in Michigan and now I can’t find a store to purchase my first gun!! I’m looking for the Beretta 92X Performance. I have subscribed to two websites to notify me when in stock.

Anyone has any tips or it’s just a matter of waiting to be in stock? I want a brand new Beretta, not used or open box. It’s my first gun ever, so there is no excitement If I buy an open box or used :wink:

Thank you all…

I’ve never bought a used gun. I doubt I ever will unless it’s a 1911 hard to find for show (friends and family).

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Try Gun Broker.com. Could be pricy, but usually you can find anything your looking for

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Thank you!! I will check them out…
Opps, link is not working. Can you verify?

oh never mind, it should be gunbroker.com

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I second @Rick11 with GunBroker. If you buy new, nothing to worry about… but price :wink:

You can contact this FFL/store:

Hopefully they still have this pistol on stock.

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Google turned off firearm results in their shopping link years ago, but the regular results still show. If those don’t get you to perfect results for you, they will get you to sellers and you can search on those sites. Why make it hard?







Searching by the actual part number can also be a big help.


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After I do the steps outlined below. Do I need to take the gun to a Police Station to register in Michigan?

Don’t you have to go through an FFL?

Generally speaking you will.

Purchase the firearm and provide the seller with the information for the FFL where you wish to take delivery.

Once the firearm has arrived at the FFL complete the transfer as normal. NICS check and typically most FFLs will charge $50 or so to complete the transfer.

Drop of the registration paper at the local police station, many have a drop box for after hours, or other accommodations. Check on line, call them, or more then likely your FFL will know your jurisdictions process.

You do not need to take the fire arm with you and it really is as simple as dropping off a piece of paper.

If you are carrying within 30 days or so of droping of your registration form, its recommended to keep the customer copy on hand so that you have proof until the system updates.


Amazing!! You have answered all the questions I had in mind. Thank you very much!!


One of them have it in stock. I will call them to arrange shipment. Thank you very much…

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Unless you’re exempt you have to turn in the states copy to your local PD.

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Check grabagun and palmetto state armory


This is perhaps silly. However, is this a firearm you’ve tried & fits your hand? Like how it shoots? How it points? Too many 1st time folks buy a weapon & find out they don’t care for it. That said Beretta makes a fine weapon. Very smooth, nice. & as always good luck…

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Thanks for the heads-up David. Yes, I have tried it at the range and I love it.

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I like how these two websites have FFL Locator. Thank you, I have put my email to get notified.

You don’t have to take your handgun to the police station anymore. I fall under Kalamazoo county jurisdiction and I just mail my police copy to the sherif department. Just make sure you know exactly who should get your police copy. Depending on where you live it can be a local city police department or a county sheriff.

And perhaps buy tracking/insurance and require a signature?

Nah, just put it in the mail in a normal envelope. I just take a picture of the police copy going into the envelope so I can show I did my part.