CCW in two states

Can you get a CCW permit in two different states? Ohio / Florida


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You can get a resident’s permit in the state that issues your drivers license (typically). You can get a non-resident permit from another state.

You cannot get a resident’s permit from more than one state.

I am not a lawyer and not a legal expert. My answers are based on a layman’s reading of applicable laws.


You get the CCW in the state you reside, but you can apply for non-resident permit in another state (if required).

Check USCCA’s reciprocity map for these two states what are your options.


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Yes. I have an Illinois resident license, and a Florida non-resident on the way.


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As mentioned by others, the short answer is yes.

In your specific case, OH and FL has reciprocity so even if you only had a license in one, it will be honored in the other. There’s also a big intersection of states that honor permits from either state.

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I could be wrong but I don’t see any difference in states recognizing either CCW. If I am correct either card is accepted in the same states.

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Yes you can have more than 1 I have Wisconsin resident permit and FL and MN non resident permits.


MN is a tough nut to crack!!

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As others mentioned, non-resident CCWs are available from many states. Some are easier to get than others. I have a CA resident and non-resident for UT and AZ. Those non-resident CCWs only required some paperwork and fingerprinting mailed in to obtain the CCW, along with a training certificate in most cases. I just provided a copy of the training certificate I did for my CA CCW.

If you travel, having additional CCWs will give you extended coverage/reciprocity in other states. Online resources or Apps like the CCW app will tell you which states you have coverage based on the CCW permits you hold.


I have in my own state, and two others. I applied for a Florida permit, but encountered some delays. If anyone has recent experience applying for a FL permit, any feedback on their waiting period would be most welcome.

Another thing I liked about the extra permits, was the additional education I received from the courses required.

From my very first CCW permit, I began wondering about those who are of lower income. My classes and permit were a financial struggle for me, but I managed it. But I thought about those less financially fortunate than me, who may be role model citizens and hard working tax payers. I wish there were some non profit or lower cost permit training programs, such as based on income levels. We are a good and diverse community.