Illinois and Florida CCL

I live in Illinois, and travel to Florida frequently. I took the CCL classes, passed, and applied for licenses in Illinois and Florida in late April. I just received my Florida license, but am still waiting for Illinois.
Does it make a difference in my Florida license if I don’t have a license in my home state yet? Are there any limitations, or do I have full rights as a Florida CCL license holder including reciprocity states?

Thanks for any insight.


Your Florida CWL is a valid license in its own and any state that accepts a Florida non-resident license in reciprocity will allow you to carry. If a reciprocal state requires a resident license, yours does not qualify.

Take a look at the USCCA reciprocity map and state law listings for better information.


Is this the first time you applied for Illinois, or a renewal?

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First time applying


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@Paul401 Welcome to the community team and community! Florida does not require you to have a permit from your home state as prerequisite to issue a non-resident permit. That said, some states require a home state permit as part of its reciprocity agreement. As @OldGnome pointed out, review reciprocity and state laws of each state you plan to visit.


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