I gained 6 more

Florida turned around my non-resident permit in 45 business days! I just gained six (6) more states including the one I frequent the most…FL! However, my application was delivered approximately 14 day before they started processing it. Either way you look at it, great turnaround for the state with the most applications in 2020.


Was FL granted on basis of reciprocity, or part-year residence? What about the other 5, were rules more or less consistent?

@Alexander8 My home state does not have a reciprocity agreement with FL and the other 5 states. Therefore, I can’t CC during my visits. During a recent trip to FL I took the time to take a training class to meet the requirements to obtain a permit. FL’s training requirements are more in-depth and are consistent with the other 5 than my home state.

I hope that answers your questions.