Florida New firearm Law takes effect today

I am going to Florida for vaction with my family. With the new law I believe that I can CCW in Florida without a license. But… I still do not fully understand the law. I am from Massachusetts we have to go through loops to have concealed license. Anyone who can point me to more info that will help me have more confidents I would appreciate it.
I do not want to breaking any laws. Yes i look at the Resciprocity map and i even used the USCCA chat. I still need some more info. Thank you.

I am looking for detailed requirements for non-resident to CCW in Florida.

GENERAL BILL by Judiciary Committee ; Brannan ; Payne ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Anderson ; Andrade ; Bankson ; Barnaby ; Black ; Botana ; Brackett ; Buchanan ; Duggan ; Fine ; Giallombardo ; Gregory ; Holcomb ; Leek ; Maggard ; Massullo ; McClain ; Melo ; Overdorf ; Plakon ; Rommel ; Roth ; Salzman ; Sirois ; Temple ; Tramont ; Tuck ; Yeager

Public Safety; Authorizes person to carry concealed weapon or firearm if he or she is licensed to do so or meets specified requirements; requires person who is carrying concealed weapon or firearm without license to carry identification & display upon demand by law enforcement; prohibits person who is carrying concealed weapon or firearm without license from carrying such weapon or firearm in specified locations; authorizes nonresident to carry concealed weapon or firearm in this state if he or she meets same requirements as resident; requires Office of Safe Schools to develop behavioral threat management operational process. APPROPRIATION: $60,177,84

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I found this summary easy to understand.

2 places to note for non-CWL carriers: No school zones and No churches.

Hope you enjoy your visit!


Thank you thank you!!

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No disrespect intended, but if you want to be sure that you’re not breaking the law in Florida by carried a concealed firearm as a non-resident without a permit, you should spend some money and talk with a Florida lawyer who specializes in firearms laws. Getting legal advice from an internet forum seems reckless to me.


Or… if @Buddha-In-The-Sun has still time, perhaps applying for non-resident permit before vacation time will make everything easier.
The process is easy,fast and doesn’t cost much. Additionally having Florida permit makes carrying possible in other States where maybe original permit is not honored.


I have already done that and waiting for a call back!!


Just explaining all this to some of my grandkids. One with a license and one without! It’s funny how they grow up!


Wish you the best Sunny Buddha.

I’m lucky in that about a year or two ago, I applied for FL out of state CCW Carry Permit, and the beautiful citizens of Florida granted it to me. Little did I know FL would later offer Constitutional carry.

Per https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/resources/ccw_reciprocity_map/fl-gun-laws/

“As of July 1, 2023, anyone 21 years old or older who can legally possess a firearm, may concealed carry a firearm without a permit.”

The outstanding article attached “above” by PDA3, has a supporting section on non FL residents; A great little read.

A must see video, how can you not love this sheriff?:

Perhaps some Floridians here might also know.

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I respect you and I thank you for your information. I
am not fighting you or anyone.

The articles given on Florida are just a article of hundreds flooding social media on Permit less Carry.
I have been here in Florida for 24 years this coming
August and I am in a Anti Gun Community neighborhood, with all said here, reviewing gun laws
and Florida’s nightmares have all been trouble, but
Florida is very easy on gun laws and controls.

The post that I sent was meant no harm and it is a
Mad Mad World out here.

Thank again

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