CWL license struggle

After three months of hearing my appilcation was “suspended” while the state Florida looked into it. I got advise from an attorney in the Orlando Fl. area and was advised to travel to Charleston, S.C. to get a letter of desposition for a traffic offence I committed 32 years ago. At first I got a hard time from an attendant at the clerk of court but I told then straight up that I didn’t travel 400 miles for no good reason. The clerk of court was there and I got the documentation I requested. I was in the Navy when the offense occurred many years ago. I paid my debt to society. I mean, I am retired and do have “time” on my side. i forwarded the document to Tallahassee FL. and I have a hearing in the next couple days. Thank God nothing has happened to my family in the mean time. I’ll let you all know what happens in the near future. Thank God some nut case didn’t try to harm my family or me.


@Steve116, I am sorry if I missed something but, are you saying that Florida will not issue you (a Florida resident) a concealed carry license; solely because of a 32 yr old traffic offense in another state?

I do not wish to pry into any personal matters just trying to understand Florida policies. As I have family there and travel frequently to see them.


No problem Jerry. Thar’s a fact. I want to help other Florida residents who are trying to get a CWL. I tried to patiently wait but the state for Florida they will do nothing when presented with any legal roadblock. I did not commit a felony. It is not right but no one told me that life is fair. I can tell you the name of the legal firm in Orlando if that helps. Don’t know much about non resident permits but a lot of people have applied for permits here so they may be really be backed up. I wish you the best of luck and would advise getting legal help.

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Thank you Sir, I will investigate further. Glad to see you are hanging in there…I use to believe Florida was a 2A friendly state. :thinking::disappointed: I guess not anymore. Thanks again for the update. Hang in there and keep up the good fight.

God Bless


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No worries my friend. I have my hearing in a couple days. It is my fault I did what I did 32 years ago. I will never give up to get my 2A rights. If I don’t I’ll move to a another state that isn’t so wrapped up in legal red tape. Alabama and Mississippi come to mind.

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My wife and I have been waiting since Sept for our concealed weapons permit from FL as well. We were told we missed some info on the application and the application time of 90 days stopped . Once we sent in the information, we were told the FBI has been doing the background search. That was three weeks ago. Florida’s Agriculture commissioner is an elected official. That says a great deal.

Mine has been from late August. Nikki Fried is anti-2A in the first place. They have carte blanche to take as long as they want. Makes me think Florida is a may issue instead of a shall issue state. Fried is up for reelection 2022. She barely got elected in 2018 and she damn sure doesn’t get my vote in 2022. Don’t give up. I be damned if I do. The political machine is broke down like four flat tires on a Greyhound.

@Jerry1, @Steve116 and @Joseph168 Thank you for the insight. I hope all goes well for you! I applied for my FL non-resident license a few weeks ago. I’m clean as a whistle, crossed all T’s and dotted every I. I’m eagerly waiting the wait process.

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@Steve116 wishing you success at the hearing.

Oh man that sounds like a nightmare im sorry to hear that. I wish you the best of luck. My experience was super easy compared to that. Although I live in Nevada so things are different

Same here, NE of Carson. My neighbor works for the LCSD, at the time we both went to our class on the same day, 24 days later the permit was in the mailbox.
I’ve been hearing horror stores about Washoe County wait times, appointment only, earliest opening is March of 2021.

Florida seems reasonably pro 2A to me ?? Applied in March and received April 4th before they shut down all the offices.
My Son-in-Law applied right before they closed the offices and his permit took months. Less people to process the application and here’s a big reason also, my name is uncommon, but his is very common as they explained when he called to check up. literally thousands of identical names to background check !


Wow, Something must have changed in the past couple years. I live in California and got a non resident Florida permit about 3 years ago. Easy peasy through the mail.

Hard to believe a non resident permit would be so difficult. My best friend got his FL resident’s permit earlier this year, only took a week or two if I recall. I was jealous, my NV renewal earlier this year took nearly 4 months.