NEW! Reciprocity Map Includes Multiple Licenses!


Our USCCA Reciprocity Map now gives you the option to add more than one state’s concealed carry permit to help you determine where you can legally carry! So if you have your resident carry permit in your home state and an out of state carry permit in another state, you can add both to your search for more concise, easier to understand results.

What is the benefit for you to have multiple concealed carry permits?

How many permits do you have?


The out of state permit allowed me to carry through two states my resident permit was not recognized, when we did our route 66 bike trip from Wisconsin to Las Vegas.


I will finally be giving in and getting a non-resident permit for Minnesotastan so I can legally carry in my neighboring state.

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I just avoid Minn. I really don’t have a reason to go there

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I don’t often, but we live in Iowa, and Cabela’s is just a little over an hour north.

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Here in Wisconsin we have fair requirements to obtain an in State CCW and that is fine for folks who don’t travel. For a National CCW permit I suggest a second permit or a stamp requiring in-depth and extensive training that would cover and satisfy the laws and training requirements of any State. That should satisfy National Reciprocity instead of the hodge-podge we must contend with now.

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Thanks for doing that. Multiple licenses. It is so complex. I truly wish some day we had permits for all 50 states. Is that too much to ask?

Unfortunately yes it is to much to ask. We should not need PERMITS to carry in ANY of the 50 states.

Just my opinion.