In Which States Can You Concealed Carry and Drink Alcohol? | USCCA

As a responsibly armed American that carries a firearm regularly, you may wonder if you can carry when you go out to dinner and plan to have a glass of wine, a beer or a mixed drink. Or you may be taking a controlled substance. We’ve gathered that information for you. Read on to learn more about the state laws regarding the consumption of alcohol or controlled substances.

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While Washington does not directly address Consumption of Alcohol, they do have a law that prevents you from carrying into a Bar or anywhere else the Washington liquor and cannabis board has deemed for 21 and older.

RCW [9.41.300] Weapons prohibited in certain places—Local laws and ordinances—Exceptions—Penalty.
Section D
(d) That portion of an establishment classified by the state liquor and cannabis board as off-limits to persons under twenty-one years of age.

NONE! We don’t need the government to tell us how silly we are allowed to be before breaking their law. Simple, don’t drink ANY alcohol when you are responsibly armed. Stay alert. 100% alert. ANY alcohol impairs your judgement.

Happy New Year. By the way, we started celebrating the new year in a different manner. Why go to crowded overpriced restaurants and clubs loaded with people who don’t normally drink? We go to sleep at a normal time. We wake up early and have a celebratory breakfast watching the sun come up. We celebrate the new year starting. Not the old year departing.


DML9 is right. Naval aviators had a rule of 8 hours, bottle to throttle. The FAA says essentially the same, but adds that if you are still impaired, it doesn’t matter how many hours ago your last drink or hit was… you are still impaired.


In Arizona you can CCW in places that sale alcohol. If you have a permit. But you CANNOT DRINK ALCOHOL if carrying. and that’s fine with me because I’m usually the one driving any way.

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I can attest that Washington State doesnt mention or prohibit alchohol in several specific situations. We have so many Legislators that have been cited for DUI infractions, its no longer a blip on the radar.

In Virginia, if one is a LEO, judge, DA, or other government official, one can legally CC and imbibe alcohol (they also are not required to have a CHP). For the rest of us, it is illegal to CC and imbibe alcohol, but OC and imbibe is legal. The caveat being one cannot be under the influence and carry - CC or OC. Interestingly, it is apparently safe for the former to drink and carry, but it is unsafe for the rest of us. Not that I am advocating doing such, I believe laws creating separate classes of citizens are unjust and unconstitutional.

This is a great topic. I was talking with Chase York, my USCCA rep for USCCA Range & Retailer Program and he told me the same thing about Texas. You can’t be intoxicated or UTI to be able to legally carry. Back when I got my original CCL, it was NO (0%) alcohol in your system at all.

I quit drinking in '98 anyway but just goes to show that the laws change, stay up on them.

As a note, the wife carries and if she has a little special fruity drink at a restaurant, guess who ends up carrying her purse out!? I guess from now on she can carry her own purse. :slight_smile:

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I have to say, I am not a fan of anyone doing this. Just because you can, doesnt mean you should. I get that, and I dont think the government should have a say, but we as CPL holders, I hate to say it, we are held to a higher standard. Also, think about this. We know that if any of us are forced to use our weapon, it will be at the worst possible moment. No matter how justified the shooting, no matter how clear the case, imagine how the narrative changes if it is found that you had alcohol or something else in your system. It not only impacts the appearance of your decision making (regardless of your tolerance) but imagine how you will be portrayed in the court of public opinion.

Besides, as CPL holders, I would like to think that we are all a little more aware of what is going on around us and would avoid anything that could impact our abilities in any way.

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