Carry at the pub this summer?

Joining friends and family at the local pub, whether for an iced tea or an adult beverage, is something you may have been missing in recent months.

As restrictions are slowly lifting across the country and beautiful summer nights are ahead of us, it’s the perfect time to venture out safely with family and friends.

Part of being safe while carrying is knowing where you can and cannot carry.

Can you legally carry in an establishment that serves alcohol in your state?

Not sure if you can? Check out our Reciprocity Map for helpful information!


@Dawn : I do, I just don’t drink.
My wife and I go all the time.


We had out of town friends stay with us last weekend. We went out for dinner Saturday night, there was a 30 minute wait, so everyone else wanted to go to the bar. Not wanting to announce it, I groaned inside my head and told my wife I would be right back. I had to walk out to the parking lot and lock it in the car. :-1:

I later asked my wife if anyone asked what I was doing. She said everyone, including her, thought I went to the bathroom. It is just not worth the risk of losing my CCL over.


Here in Florida the laws are a little tricky, depending on the restaurant - if they
serve liquor, if they sell food, all can change how or if you can carry. I will add
a link so you can read and educate yourself. With all that explained above I don’t
carry in a bar in Florida. One other point, if you are in a bar and only drink tea
you are still breaking the law. Mike :boom:


Not legal in Montana unless you Open Carry… yes you read that right. Although it has not been tested, yet, you also cannot be concealed in an establishment where beverages are sold, dispensed, and consumed. Which is pretty much everthing outside of Burger King.

We have got it through the legislature to change this, and other items, several times. However 16 years of control from the governors has prevented it.

You can in NC as long as you dont consume alcohol.

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I have carried into a restaurant a few times in Minnesota and then only have water with my meal. If I plan to have a beer then I don’t carry.

On a side note, we travel to Eau Claire Wisconsin to see my parent about once a month, and we always go out for dinner. We generally went to Applebee’s, but a few years ago they had a no guns allowed sign.

We then started to go to Grizzly’s which has the sign shown below. Even though I don’t carry in Eau Claire, I feel welcome at this restaurant and not at Applebee’s.

We maybe spent a hundred bucks depending upon the number of folks going out. So over the years Applebee’s has lost our business. A hundred bucks spread over several years helps out Grizzlys. I really want to support the ones that support my way of thinking, so if anyone is passing through Eau Claire Wisconsin and need to go out to eat. Grizzly’s is near the mall and a good place to spend your money. Let them know you like their sign.

Grizzlys Sign


@Mike_T you are right about that. That is why I wasn’t about to belly up to the bar and order a Coke while carrying. Cut & Paste from

"You can concealed carry in the restaurant area of an eatery that serves alcohol with a Florida concealed carry permit or a permit/license from a state that Florida honors, unless posted. However, concealed carry is not allowed in bars or the bar areas of restaurants.

[Fla. Stat. § 790.06(12)(a)(12)] "

Edit: @Mike_T and I both live in Florida, your laws may vary

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In Texas there is the 51% rule. If the establishment earns more than 50% of its revenue in alcohol sales you are not permitted to open or conceal carry. The business is required to post a sign at the entrance so you don’t have to check their balance sheet everytime you visit.
If you are “caught” in violation of this law it is a $200 Class C misdemeanor (basically a ticket, and not a crime) and will not effect your LTC status. No matter how many times you violate this restriction there is only a single $200 fine, no revocation of your LTC for multiple violations. I don’t drink alcohol away from my home so I choose to conceal carry when I go to any liquor store or restaurant. Because my life is worth more than $200.
If you lived in Texas, what would you do?

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Thanks @TexasEskimo, you made me look up the fines for Florida:

It is considered a “misdemeanor of the second degree” ( ) punishable "by a definite term of imprisonment not exceeding 60 days ( ) and $500.00 ( )

Please don’t take this as legal advise, I am just an old retired engineer trying his best to wallow thru a bunch of legal confusion.

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Texas law in a nutshell.
Signs on businesses…

  • 30.06 signage, no open or conceal carry.
  • 30.07 signage, concealed carry only with a valid LTC.
  • The “51% rule” (above)
  • No visable posted sign, both open or concealed allowed with a valid LTC.

The state has rules for these signs font size, font color, both in English and Spanish language, where to post, etc. Basically you can’t take a piece of paper or napkin, draw a gun on it and make a red “X” on it to keep legally armed citizens away.

The penalty for breaking any of these posted signs… Class C misdemeanor and a $200 fine per incident with zero effect on your LTC.
There are places that you could possible be charged with a crime… the obvious federal buildings, court houses, etc… the entire list is on the Texas Department of Public Safety website.

EDIT: My legal disclaimer… I am not a lawyer, blah, blah, and blah.


From County website:
While exercising the permit and carrying a weapon, no alcohol consumption is permitted

Any place with a primary purpose of dispensing alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption

Not a problem for me since like Fish of Barney Miller fame, “drinking should be done in the privacy of one’s home… where it’s necessary :wink:

I can carry and even have an adult beverage if I chose to, but the only person I want to sit under the stars and drink a sweet tea with is my wife and daughter.

I don’t drink, but many restaurants serve alcohol. In Illinois, you can carry in an establishment as long as less than 50% of their revenue comes from the sale of alcohol.

I have always been curious about this

Are all revenue records public? Are you suppose to ask at the door?

This is one of those WTF moments for me.

I’m Texas, if they are 51%, they are required to have a 51% sign.

By legal definition, we have no bars in Virginia. Laws on carry in establishments vary depending on if your are a first class citizen (judge, DA, state official, LEO, etc.) or a second class citizen (everyone not a prohibited person). For the first class citizens, they are not required to have CHPs, and they are privileged to imbibe alcohol, whether or not they are CC or OC, in establishments that serve alcohol. For the second class citizens, if you are OC, it is legal to imbibe, but not be under the influence; if you are CC, it is illegal to imbibe alcohol, and as long as you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you it is legal to carry.

That being said, when we go out for dinner, it is usually after work, and I can’t, do to work policy, even have a firearm in my vehicle. So, the law has little relevance to me. If I was carrying, I would follow proper firearm handling, as one should not consume alcohol while carrying, regardless of what the law states is legal.