Alcohol/drugs and CCW

hey CCW carriers make sure you understand your state laws in conceal carry and alcohol/controlled substances. after readind the last issue of CC mag. artcle about pot i did a little research ERGO ~~ i live in South Carolina and SC: 23-31-400, 410 under article 6 clearly allows for testing for use, mis-use and abuse of chemicals and alcohol after a self defensive action. just a heads-up ~ just like don’t drink and drive, don’t drink and carry. be safe and be smart. BoB ¥


Sorry @Robert212 … I couldn’t resist this… but first time I read your post… I thought you were already after few drinks… :grimacing:
I just couldn’t figure out the sentences… :neutral_face:

Anyway, thx for pointing this out and remind people to carry safely and responsibly ! :+1:


It stands to reason, you wouldn’t want someone who has a drink or two operating any machinery or car and above all a firearm. To understand when you doing these things we have the responsibility to have our minds the best, because if we fine ourselves in said situations we definitely need our wits about us, being alert in all we doi is the best way to confront bad situations. Stay Alert Don’t Get Hurt.

All true. In my lifetime I’ve seen folks that drink a lot & function very well, their tolerance is quite high. Really wonder how they would handle the skill of a firearm in that condition. Don’t know of any studies on that. Perhaps law enforcement has done some…

Robert thanks for sharing. I’m in SC as well and didn’t know that.

I will have to read up to see if it is mandatory if police ask you to do it or if you can say no. Not that it would matter at all since I rarely drink and when I do the gun is locked away.