In God we trust, all others pay cash…

There’s some good news :slightly_smiling_face: Glad to hear that concerned citizens and SOME of their elected leaders are working hard to make sure that more of our rights are not flushed down the toilet. On another note, it’s tough to see (some) our alleged Conservative leaders line up to hurt the people that elected them on a number of issues. Term limits are needed, but will probably never happen. Mitch McConell needs to go along with all the leaders who are doing the opposite of what they were elected to do. Country headed in the wrong direction at 200 mph (just my opinion).


Sorry, we got to codify sanctions against financial institutions into Law, if they ever dare to un-pause their nonsence.

ESG, supporting rioters and groomers will be haunting these banks for many decades to come.


Still, the people fighting on our behalf, deserve kudos for standing tall in the face of idiocy! Maybe that’s the “well regulated militia” everyone is talking about!

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