I went to my first Gun Show in 30 years

Good gosh, how anyone can go to one of these in Covid is beyond me. I only went as a volunteer to collect signatures, for my own project.

It was all high end custom $5k+ stuff, or absolute drek. Good golly miss Molly, the ammo was so sky high I asked one ammo seller if there was a gold coin included.

I saw some beautiful guns but the prices on some of them was like car prices.

Jesus wept.


I have a gun for sale too. Only $2000.00. lol


I’m selling my sub-$500 guns for $800.

Happy birthday! :confetti_ball:


I have gone to a few gun shows over the last year. I bought my favorite SxS shotgun during the assault weapon ban, someone had traded it towards a Chinese built AK clone, who knows maybe lightning will strike twice.

The ammo situation has been interesting to watch at gun shows. At first the supply shortage was supplemented by people selling off their private stash at the insane prices you mentioned. From the last few shows it looks like anyone who was going to cash out their spare ammo has sold out, the only stuff is new. A few regular dealers and people who bought at big-box stores flipping whatever they were able to buy. It should be interesting to watch how manufactures handle the demand this year. I predict they will not shut down and reconfigure their machines to load less common ammo this year (16 ga, high end target ammo etc) and use the time and supplies to meet the demand for common loads like 9mm, 5.56, and 12 ga.

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