Why Firearms and Ammunition Sales Spike During Times of Crisis | Coronavirus Series | USCCA

According to its recent press release, the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) reported a 168 percent spike in ammunition shipments for the week ending March 14, 2020. We saw images of lines stretching around the block at gun and sporting goods stores as buyers — many of them first-time buyers — desperately tried to get their hands on a firearm and ammunition before the store ran out or the local government declared that it was “closing time” and everyone had to go home.

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Great post. I waited until it was too late, there are no guns left for sale around where I live except uncommon calibers like 10mm for which there are no rounds at the shops and a gun without ammo is useless . The few I had been eyeing for a while to buy are on backorder everywhere ( M&P®9 M2.0 or a Glock 19 ) I got lucky I found a new Walther PPK in a high end collectible shop, I ended up paying $350 more than I would’ve with the original choices. So I learned my lesson and have been slowly building up my .380 ACP ammo.


It looks like ammo is trickling back into stock. Sig has a daily inventory link on their site now too and lucky gunner is getting some in…all at back to normal prices. To @I_am_Harry’s point…a lot of firearm inventory is still depleted. :weary:

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Inventory may be recovering, but my main suppliers no longer will ship to my state; LuckyGunner and bulkammo.com to name two.

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It’s times like this that make me glad I reload. A good manual will teach you how to do it safely and basic single stage presses aren’t that expensive and components can be bought for reasonable prices, especially in bulk. Plus the added attraction of being able to load 2-3 rounds for the price of 1 round of factory ammo. Of course, this option isn’t available in “progressive” states as sources can’t ship to them. However, if you live in an as-yet free state, it’s something to consider. I still use “store-bought” ammo in my EDC but range time is done with reloads, mostly, It also lets me walk on by the ammo shelves in the gun shop with a smile on my face as I watch disappointed people walk away because their chosen caliber is unavailable. Maybe that’s a character defect…

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