I should have died in the Simulator today

I took my 92 year old neighbor to pick up his car from a repair shop this morning. He is absolutely amazing and insisted I just drop him off at the shop. I told him to call me and I would be right back to pick him up if there was any problem with his car.

I noticed a gun store near by I’ve never been in before, so dropped in to stall time to be sure I didn’t need to go back to the car shop right away. The gun shop is much larger than I expected from the outside, clean, and well lit. An employee greeted me as I came in the door and asked if I was looking for anything in particular. I would like a spare 1911 sear spring so I asked for that. He directed me to another employee that went in the back to take a look - none in stock. Oh well, I meandered around the store looking in the display cases and open shelving.

Turns out they do a lot of custom finish work. They had a Colt Delta Elite in one of the displays that I would have never known what it was if they didn’t tell me - and I own a Delta Elite! I heard them interface with several customers while I was there and I didn’t hear any sales pressure nor cocky attitudes.

After spending enough time to look the entire place over, they told me they had a new simulator room they rent for $25 for 30 minutes. Step in and I’ll let you check it out for free. He put me in a street chaos scenario where street gangs just randomly shoot people for no reason. A guy sticks his head out from cover, shoots at me a couple times, and ducks back behind cover. I got distracted by him and another guy starts shooting at me from a 2nd story window. I quickly learned there was no time to aim so started point shooting - my survivability came up :slight_smile: When the scenario ended the store employee grinned at me and said “I think you got killed a couple times”. I said “I think you are right!”

I called a buddy of mine and told him about it. We will be jumping in the the simulator soon!


If they have a “shoot/no shoot” scenario I suggest you give it a try. Be sure to crank the volume allthe way up.


I was training in an outdoor area simulation !! Situation!! And I thought I was so great till the pop out was not a bad guy but a lady with a pocket book in her hand and . You know it . I . Put three rounds center mass!! And I had to take that . Course five times because . It’s just so hard to figure out just who is the bad guys !! I finally . Got . A passing GRADE!! Now days they have computers and real life stuff that is very very real and I truly don’t want to try the new technology because I felt so bad . Because it was just cut outs but they were painted like life sized people and . It hurts your feelings when you could have killed a person . In just a training session . I truly felt Like crap . And every one was given me a hard time . Telling me . Sharpen . Up . !! SHARPEN UP Yes SIR LOVE Bobby Jean . I SHARPENED UP. Stay sharp community . We must train . TRAIN ,&. TRAIN. :us::chile:


And there was a Ruger LCP in the pocket book. :thinking:


Karacal haw haw make fun of me too !! She was probably packing but . She didn’t have it out . So I sucked !! And I thought I was never going to get throu that . Course . !! I GESS after being shot . !! I was just to jumpy . And in the course it had a little kid who had a guy and he got me every single time till I guessed right and got passed him and I passed the course !! But we all need to assume that women are packing . Haw haw seriously brother and they know how to.USE IT . EDC. Bang bang :bangbang: haw haw Love Bobby Jean :chile::us::100::bangbang::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::owl::feather::feather::beer::popcorn::beer::popcorn::beer::beer::popcorn::popcorn::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::bangbang:


I posted somewhere else how I have been doing some shoot don’t shoot training with my martial arts coach. It has been eye opening. You really need to train yourself to positively ID that you actually have a threat. It is very hard to not start reacting early when you know there is a 25% or greater chance you are about to be attacked. You have to learn to not react prematurely to potential threats but still be able to instantly react once you determine the threat is real.

I think simulators like this could be very effective if the simulations are done realistically and there are enough different scenarios to keep you on your toes.


I haven’t tried one of these yet, but this seems like something I should do soon.


We did one where a guy dressed like a gang banger comes running around the corner frantic, runs right up to you and, frantic and out of breath, aggressively put’s both of his hands on your shoulders and yells, “OH MY GOD, There’s a Guy With A Gun” In There and runs off.
I shot the guy, but in the end it was a real learning experience.


Oh yeah, you definitely have to do this. It changes people’s habits once they actually are involved in the incident… even not real. But once you realize it may happen to you in real life you start thinking differently.

This is a next level, something you will never learn and practice in the range standing in the booth or line and making holes in the target.


I think the biggest takeaway from this training is how little time you have to make a decision and how quickly something that doesn’t seems like a threat can turn into one and how something that seems like a sure threat may not be a threat at all.

When I first started doing these drills I had several instances that turned out to be non threats where I exposed my firearm and got my hand on the grip and one instance where I drew and pointed but fortunately didn’t pull the trigger.

I had many more instances where even though I was sure of the threat I didn’t have anywhere near enough time to draw before contact was made. These ended up in hand to hand, hand to knife or hand to gun struggles where I could sometimes fend off the attack long enough to get to my gun or get the attackers gun away but other times ended up going to the ground or me getting stabbed repeatedly.

Makes for very physically and mentally challenging sessions. I can only imagine what the real thing would be like when you know the threat is real.Hopefully I never find out or at least get a lot more training before I do.


Back in 1984 after the Nevil Johnson shooting the City of Miami purchased what was considered at the time to be state of the art shoot don’t shoot simulator,. it was housed in a rather large room with a wall to wall screen that had multiple projectors behind the screen.

Placed in front of the screen was a City of Miami patrol car.

They had a open house where media and any citizen could stop by and take a try at their skills so I decided to give it a try, at the time I was about 24 and even though it was illegal to carry without a permit which at the time was impossible to get unless politically connected I carried anyway, my firearm at the time was a small Colt 5 shot .38 revolver which i had practiced with a bit.

The waiting room was packed with media out of the crowd all I could find was maybe a half dozen citizens, everyone had to sign in and and then was told to sit and wait.

They would take people in two by two many times with their cameramen, when my turn came up, I was paired with a young man probably 21 who was sitting next to me.

However what was strange to me was folks where going into the simulator but no one was coming out.

None the less once in the room we would where instructed that we would be doing a routine traffic stop, I was riding shotgun so I was instructed it would be my job to call in the location which once things started i noticed could be clearly seen, the tag number, describe the vehicle and the occupants, then proceed.

We where issued standard issue .38 revolvers that had been modified so the simulator could determine where we shot and how many times we shot.

The operator knew ahead of time we would be setup in a shoot or die situation.

The it got interesting, we where heading down a two lane road, suddenly to our right a car blows a stop sign and takes off down the road, the young man to my right has the pedal to the floor, the car is not running but we could hear it running and the speed in the simulation is picking up, the a car we are after gets lit up and eventually pulls to a stop.

I pick up the microphone call in the unit number printed on the dash and advise we are 10-50 at (address) on a white 4 door vehicle Florida 123 ABC occupied two times (race) and assumed males.

To my surprise the dispatcher answered back repeating what i just stated, I confirm 26.

Then it got really weird, my backup and I got out however instead of staying in their vehicle both occupants exited and began walking towards us, the passenger had a firearm tucked into on the left side of his belt in front of his hip, I yelled out gun and got behind the door of the patrol car as did my backup.

As we did that the passenger pulled his gun went to aim at us and we began shooting , I fired four shots my backup tried to fire eight.

The guns where not loaded but we could hear them firing, four times for me and six for my backup.

Then it was over,

We where walked out to another room where EMS was set u[p and a number of cots and chairs where as well,

And this was where a lot of those who went in where still around, my BP was checked and it was through the roof as was my backup, we where ordered to lay down on a couple of cots and relax and wait to be checked again.

After awhile a Miami SGT walked over and asked if we would answer a few questions, he asked my backup where did he learn to shoot like that, he explained, have you ever considered becoming a Miami police officer, affirmative was the answer, he was given a application to fill out.

Then it was my turn, i was asked where did I learn those radio codes they are not Miami they are Broward, I explained i rode with the FLPD as a teenager until the program was disbanded, I was also asked it I was interested in becoming a Miami police officer which I politely declined to do.

Then he made a very interesting comment, look around this room and understand you two young men are the only ones who are still alive, the rest of them all got killed today.




Thank you.