I need plastic cap nails

Bunch of truth in this but the way he says it is hilarious.


Amen brother!


love it way to go well said!!!


You are NOT alone Brother LION! :angry: :lion:

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Zach is now Employee of the Month. :grinning:


sadly a board across their ass will get someone put in jail now a days…

question: how do the young folks learn there are consequences to their actions???

they don’t… they get a time out maybe that’s about it…

and everyone wonders why the young folks are the way they are now???

just saw a report that claimed a politician wanted to make a law that held parent accountable for their kids…

how can you do that when they can’t actually punish the kids for misbehavior without jail time?


When my son was in elementary school a teacher told him I can’t spank him. My son told me that and I promptly told him the next time he acts up I’m going to bust his arse. I asked if he like living here? Do you love your mom? Do you love me? Do you like having that nintendo in your room and the pool outside? Yes dad I do.

I asked him what do you think will happen when you say I spanked you? I don’t know dad. I told him the police will come and take you to somebody that doesn’t love you or allow you or have all the things you can do now. I asked him; do you want to give that up? No dad I don’t. Then don’t misbehave and tell the teacher I spanked you when you do misbehave because the police will take you from us.