“Hit His A**!”

This crap needs to stop!


hope they’re all charged as accomplices. I’m really tired of this sick bs


It will never happen in our life.
This World is going down. No respect, no values. No more justice.

I was raised with leather belt landing on my ass for every single bad thing I did being youngster.
My kids were raised similar way - no belt, but still vision of punishment was in their young lives.

World doesn’t accept such parenting anymore. And we are witnessing the results.
We can just watch and keep our Families and Communities safe. It’s too late and I don’t believe it’s gonna be better.



probably worse. I’m thinking the 4 horsemen are out & about, doing as they’re told. …just me


And they ain’t pickin up after their horses either!


It happened on Aug. 14 but glad someone was stupid enough to post video evidence on social media.

What I like to read soon:
The 17-year old will be tried as an adult.


Along with anyone in that car


To some of these Young adults Life is just one big video game.
Having NOT been taught consequences of their actions, seeing
out of control dot.gov and reckless behavior on a 24/7 News cycle
there is just NO FEAR IN them. The proliferation of ‘recreational drugs’,
the threat of WAR w/ a growing number of countries and the fact
that Number 0ne son is getting RICH while getting away without any penalty
because Daddy sits in the big chair must send the message to them Crime
and Criminal behavior is acceptable.

It is not and these ‘offenders’ once found will find out that they do not have
the protection of a Puddin’head in a bowl daddy! As some of you fine folks
say here the pendulum is going to swing back towards Reality and Justice
(When that finally happens my '8’ball is cloudy @ the moment) but it will be the
biggest Beeotch slap they NEVER SAW COMING.
Crime doesn’t pay, and KARMA/justice while sometimes blind eventually
leads to JUSTICE being served often cold and cruel but it does get served.
We may not see the results but if you knew any Crim or saw a crime happen
and you paid attention you often get to witness Justice.

I’ve said some prayers tonight for this Gentlemen and the LA Sherriff that got
Executed yesterday. Taken from us far too soon I prayed for their families and
for justice to be served cold and brutal.( may not have been the Christian way to
pray but it’s from my heart for these Innocent victims and many others taken this day
we will never hear about but there it is, You FAFO! God Remembers and will award Justice.


you’re lucky my dad didn’t wear a belt. so I ended up getting paddled with a custom oak paddle that had holes in it. even worse is he was a soft ball player and he had a brutal swing. :grimacing:


I believe the people behind the puppets WANT either Martial Law or The Purge.


I would like to also read 17 year old is found guilty of premeditated murder (thanks @Karacal )and sentenced to death.


Manslaughter? That was straight up premeditated murder!


I know that it was but for some reason I couldn’t think of the correct term :roll_eyes:


You’ll get my bill in the mail, thank you for shopping at Karacal Emergency Word Finder Emporium :rofl:


:joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :+1: mail it to brandon 1600 Pennsylvania ave. washington DC


I agree with you Karacal (as usual)
Along with the planned Distraction, deception and destruction of
all values and Normalcy there is a growing Anxiety among the population
(weather they know it of not) that there is a planned ‘take Over’ of Free People
and a taking away of ALL OUR Rights and Freedoms we hold dear.
It started in the schools, Generations of young adults that now feel Uncle Sugar
will take care of them. Run up useless Student debt: .Gov steps in and “poof’s” it.
Instant vote buying. All these ‘Influencers’ on all social media saying do this and you
can be rich beyond measure without working for it. Just send me ($25) and you can do
this to somebody else too!
.Gov wants us in a box ( in the ground preferably) We are the biggest threat to their Master Plans.
They take our Guns and they will have Nirvana on earth. Gunless we are doomed.
And the Rest of the country will fall like Domino’s. Who’s to stop them then? The kids/Young adults?
Fat Phuckin’ Chance!
And by the time they do see the result of their Socialist upbringing it will be too late for them.
This happens every so often in history. These Murderers did it with their own people back in the 40’s. They used their own faithfull against them (Because the Traitor’s thought the jackboots would leave them alone if they helped kill their own). They eventually found out when the oven doors closed on them when they least expected it or the nazi’s saw the traitor’s doubting what they’ve done. Click-Clack in the oven you go…plaenty more where they came from.
This New crop of .Gov’s ‘Test run’ the covid scam (masks, Isolation, Anti-social distancing, vaxxe’s) and it almost wrked perfectly. But enough people saw these same people operating w/o that supposed Protecton they said "Hold it! Wait a minute’. and the Lies were almost all exposed. The last couple of generations are lost in my opinion and they don’t even know it. Bought and paid for by .gov already.

Very sad. Martial law is here soon, the Purge is already happening. Police are being targeted, Gunner’s are being targeted. Anybody who speaks out against their crimes is being dealt with. And if you doubt the validity of my comments tune into Woke media and you will see a babbling-incoherent Puppet being
told what to say and when to say it and 30-40% of the Sheep nod their heads and say Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’He’s doing a great Job!


Just wait, there is the Nipah in India, 75% fatality rate. Use that fear along with the train full of immigrants heading toward the southern US border.
2024 lockdowns


That Train of ILLEGALS! may be the straw that breaks the camels back Sir!
When is Enough Enough? When it comes by the .gov train load!


And t carried out in under 30 years!

I am just taken back by what the world is coming too. I would never thought of stealing a car in the first place but to run people off the road and run over a bicyclist just for the fun of it these kids need not only get their ass kicked by the families they ruined but be put in jail for a very very long time and let them think about what they did. Than give them the death sentence. They never walk a free man again.