Unfortunately, The Saga of "Stupid Is, As Stupid Does... Continues"

Nothing breaks a dads’ or a moms’ heart more than having to answer the door or phone to hear that their child is dead, has been killed, and that it was their own fault. Smh.


This is simply the outcome when you pick the wrong victim.


If you deal with firearm (or pretend to have one) you must be ready to face up to it and deal with lethal consequences. :point_up:
Either Parents tell you that or you learn it by yourself… :person_shrugging:


Every victim of violent crime should be the wrong victim.


Most likely all these car jackings are going to chop shops to be sent out across the country. Probably using ebay or some other website to peddle the stolen goods.

13, a child who probably did not comprehend his own mortality and acted with the impulsiveness of a child.

That, my friend, is a toss-up. This is a notion that cannot be stroked with a broad brush. There are some 12-year-olds that have had adult experiences and know full-well what they’re doing! Though it is very unfortunate that any would choose to fast-track their lives down the road to disaster. And then, of course, as you’ve stated, there are those that cannot comprehend the gravity of their actions. In this instance, it is a tragedy, and I feel for their parents.

Ultimately, this has nothing to do with nor does it precipitate a need to alter the 2nd Amendment nor anything appertaining, IMO.


Who said he had Parent(s)???

13-year-old Vernard Toney Jr. —His name is longer than his LIFESPAN!

Get outta tha car I hava Gun! Bang! DO OVER…“Thud”

“No (72) Virgins for you!”—soup Nazi