Another sign of our time's

How could you not. :angry:

The bus was full, but no students or adults intervene on the video. At one point, the girl crouches in her seat and puts her hands over her head for protection.

At another point, one of the boys stops hitting her while a second boy throws a flurry of punches from behind.

Student expected to be charged after third-grade girl was beaten on Florida school bus (


Very, very sad to see this type of behavior amongst our youth. Unacceptable!


My sister InL is a middle school admin, she told me yesterday that the new Superintendent emailed to everyone in the district that everyone needs to learn to work around the students and their behavior and to not intervene, including not calling the authorities.


:astonished: Wow… :astonished:


With no restraint it’s going to reach the point of chaos, on buses, trains already happening with adults on planes and been the norm on the streets, road rage.
If I had to list Brandon’s accomplishments, treason, in all its glory!

Can’t let this become the norm. The tantrum generation! They’re not going to write any songs about the past 2 1/2 years, at least nothing we’re going to hear in an elevator or doctor’s waiting room!


Those are the Obama rules, it’s what got us here in the first place!


Actually there have been quite a few schools calling the cops these days for minor behavior infractions that at most would have resulted in a detention back in my day. Putting kids in the juvenile criminal system for minor violations can be very detrimental for students futures.

So I’m not a big fan of involving law enforcement in many/most cases. But in this case there were multiple students (one of them obviously much older) violently beating on a small kid. That requires suspensions at a minimum and more likely expulsions and possible criminal referrals.


Hey, got a good video, that’s what matters these days. Don’t help a ducking 3rd grade girl that’s being attacked by what appears to be a much older boy. We see it on this board “Don’t get involved”, “You are not the police”, “Be a good witness”. The KID was arrested? Really, like they will actually do anything to a child. And don’t expect the parents to do anything, we can see from this video what values the parents have instilled in these kids.


Anyone causing trouble or committing a crime, know they will rarely be confronted. The new normal is simply being a “good witness”. If anyone needs help they are expected to simply be a “good victim”. As long as people find excuses to justify and tolerate this behavior, it will only get worse.


Let’s not forget the AVOIDANCE lessons. Don’t go where you think you may get hurt! Soon, we’ll all be prisoners in our own homes and forced to flee when the WOKE arrive!
That kid needs serious mental health attention and the parents should be held responsible!

There’s so much to talk about here, it’s ridiculous! How did it come this far?
I don’t think I had anything to do with it, I joined the military, served my country, had a few jobs, had hard times, had a few kids, they had some hard times, but I consider them normal. Meaning, no mass shooters in the family, no psych problems, ( ok, you’ve seen some of my rants ) my kids and grandkids never disrespected people enough to shoot up a school or break teachers bones!

We are so far from acceptable behavior in both adults, leaders and our children, who unfortunately, might turn out to be your next pilot or surgeon. And we all know they may have gotten there by checking a box.
Don’t believe me…Boxes checked! You can be all the letters of the known alphabet, you can be a crocodile, but if you can’t say what a woman is, or recognize that you are a crocodile, sorry, all bets are off!
I’ve never felt a football, can I be quarterback in the next superbowl, WHY NOT? I’ve never set foot on a stage, where’s my Oscar?

How about the newest recruits for federal judgeships, who can’t explain the first five articles of the Constitution?
American history 101.

Society is slowly crumbling, and to add to the adult anxiety are Chinese steerable spy balloons over our, once sacred nation! Completely unacceptable! I can’t fix this! When I served aboard a submarine, EVERYTHING could be fixed! EVERYTHING, or you didn’t survive!


In my day, there were no cops in schools. Now it’s de rigueur to assign uniformed cops to schools as “school resource/safety officers.” In my mind, it moves schools closer to jails than schools when armed, uniformed government employees are assigned to supervise children.


In my day when you saw a male beating a female it gave you free reign to kick the crap out of him.I am really sickened that everyone does absolutely nothing in these situations except film it.Since there’s no common sense anymore and if you act you are going to get sued everyones hands are tied.I sure miss the common sense that everyone used to have.


I went to school from mid 70s to mid 80s in the midwest.
We had fights but we didn’t beat up small children.

Another thing we didn’t do was fight openly, because we were afraid of the CONSEQUENCES.
The principle had a long wooden paddle that he’d bust your @$$ with if you were caught fighting and a list of other offenses.
In me and my brothers cases, when our dad found out (from the school) we’d gotten a paddling, we’d get it at home too.

I know this is not PC today, “it’s abuseive and violence only breeds violence”…blah blah blah
But there were stiff consequences to our actions and we didn’t have the type of issues you see every where today…it was not a perfect world then, but it was a better time than these times, mostly because of those consequences.

Just to head off the :scream: crowd…neither me or my brothers became abusive lunitics. Instead, we have veterans, blue collar workers and LEOs…no abusers, inmates or jailbirds.


To be honest there is video online of her being beaten, but I wouldn’t post it, it was pretty bad.
She was punched 40 or 50 times.


I agree 100% they need to bring back the days of getting an ass whooping. back when I was in school you messed up you got to meet the green machine. it was a hard wood paddle that had holes in it to eliminate air resistance and was painted green (school colors). you could hear it coming :grimacing: a long with everyone else in the school.


That sounds familiar.

Lord of the Flies is a 1954 novel by the Nobel Prize-winning British author William Golding. The plot concerns a group of British boys who are stranded on an uninhabited island and their disastrous attempts to govern themselves. Themes include the tension between groupthink and individuality, between rational and emotional reactions, and between morality and immorality.

Lord of the Flies - Wikipedia


My apologies for my language, but “screw that!”! That is ridiculous and not acceptable in my opinion. If I had kids in the public school system today, they would be heading to martial arts practice every day after school. If the school administrators won’t do their job, then let the chips fall where they may when the bullies get their butts kicked.


Got that call from the Junior High School “Mr R. your son did Karate moves on another student…”. I went over to the school, watched the surveillance video and I’ll be damned Roundhouse to the leg followed by a spinning back kick to the chest. Kid tried to bully the wrong skinny blonde kid.



Teen who savagely beat 9-year-old girl on Florida school bus charged with battery (