I just traded in 2 SIGs for M&Ps... And couldn't be more relieved

So, yesterday I took my SIG P320 X-Compact and M17 to my LGS and traded them in for the M&P9 M2.0 Spec Series Compact (the bull shark grey kit) and the full-size Spec Series with the FDE slide. No matter how much I love SIG Sauer, or how much I know you can’t believe what you see and read on the internet, I couldn’t shake the discomfort I had with carrying the 320 given the growing number of random discharges that have been occurring with even after recall.

I carried an M&P40 (later the 9mm) for years but ultimately moved to Glock. Over the past few years I had started to shift to the SIG and was incredibly pleased with the fit in my hand and performance. I don’t know if the P320 has actual issues or if they are incredibly overblown. What I do know is that the Glock and the M&P have never had such questions surrounding them and the M&P M2.0 really fits my hand. The texture is fantastic and the newer trigger is at least comparable with the 320. Here’s hoping I made the right choice.

I still have my 226 Legion and 229 Elite and I’m happy as ever with them. At the end of the day, I traded to 320s with a total of 12 magazines and 2 Wilson Grip modules and paid $500 for 2 new M&Ps with optics… I think I did ok. Hopefully down the road the stink will fade and the issues (real or perceived) will pass and I will pick up another 320.



That’s amazing we can switch manufacturers based on what fits the best in the moment.
When I read the topic of this thread I thought… what the heck, really? But to be honest, once I read complete post I understood.

P320 is a great handgun. With Wilson Combat frame is even better… but there is always something with this firearm, something what gives a doubt. Is it lack of trust? I don’t know.
I love older SIG models, especially P229, like you.

M&P9 on the other hand, is so great, that I will go with this handgun without hesitation. I owned and used one with great success and pleasure (especially after APEX trigger upgrade). The only reason I got rid of it was its weight. I found it too light for my applications. Other than that… one of the best polymer handguns. :+1:

I’m happy for you, that you found M&P better friend than SIG or Glock. And I’m sure you made a right choice.
Wait some time… you will get a confirmation from @Johnnyq60, our Community M&P Master and admirer . :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Jerzy and you are absolutely on point and will respond to the post. As Jerzy stated I am an M&P guy. But will not judge Sig people because they are great guns. You made a great trade @Garand4Life and will not criticize your decision. You have to go with what fits your hand best. I believe you got the best out of that deal. Enjoy shooting them at the range.

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When the P320 Carry came to market, I bought one, but didn’t shoot it for months. Then I started hearing about the recalls due to drop safe issues. So, I sent it back per the recall. I have since put a flat trigger shoe on and swapped out the grip module for the X Carry (here of late). Thus far it has been a very smooth shooter and fits my hand fantabulously!

I also purchased the M&P Shield chambered in .40 S&W and made the mistake of taking it with me to a gun course with a round count of 350. By the time I was midway through the course I realized that was NOT the gun to take to a gun course. It wore my hand out! It now sits in the safe, but I still like it (go figure).

I was at an indoor range when a young lady came on with the SIG, I can’t recall the model (newly purchased and had never been fired), handsome gun btw, and when the young lady came to shoot it, because she had just purchased it (of course this was before I purchased the P320), when she fired it, the whole slide went forward onto the range. The Range Master (an old SOF guy) came in, called a cease fire, retrieved the firearm and I watched him as he was trying to make sense of what was going on; he seemed to put things back together and went to shoot it and some other parts started falling off and out of the gun. So, it took me a little while to even purchase the P320, but I did anyway, gratefully I have not had one bit of trouble from it. So, for now it’s a keeper.

Now, my Kimber, on the other hand, the Ultra Carry II…sweet little pistol but very finicky about ammo type. Often stovepipes or double feeds. So, it too, stays in the safe. Suffice it to say, you can get a bad gun on any day, may not be anything wrong with the company or the brand, just a bad gun. What does it for me most though is the servicing or the backing of the product by the Manufacturer. That makes all of the difference for me. If I can’t get good service, I’m done with the product, brand, and the Manufacturer.

I know we want our guns to run perfectly, but as I stated, sometimes things just happen. We just don’t want it happening to our guns, lol.


My M&Ps are my go to’s for carry. I’m very comfortable with them and the controls between the 5 inch, 4 inch and shield are the same. With that I do like my Berettas and Kimber’s

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I approve of that trade.


I’ve had my Kimber’s for many, many years and the one on my hip has never met my safe! But you’re totally correct, in the fact, that Kimber’s only eat what you feed them the first date on the range! ( come to think of it I’ve had some real dates that acted the same way, stovepiped, finicky and double fed! )
Mine only eats PMC and Hornady! I know that an EDC should be able to eat anything off the street, I just make sure I carry enough for a small war!


I have an M17 that is my nightstand pistol. My EDC is the P365. I have put well over 1000 rounds through the M17 and probably around 600 through the P365. I have never had a stoppage or malfunction of any type with either of them. I have ran numerous different ammo types with no issues.

I have, during training, dropped my M17 twice from waist height with a round chambered. Once onto a gravel surface and the other on concrete. The pistol did not fire. It was made well after the issue was addressed by Sig.

Not to be forgotten is the Army trails for the new hangun to replace the M9. The M17-M18 won. I am quite sure that these weapons were drop tested, especially considering the reported problems with the P320.

Sig had a problem but it seems to be resolved. “Seems” is the operative word of course. I am very happy with my Sig products and wanted to share this with the group. Thanks,

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That was my thought when I bought the X-Compact and then later the M17. However, seeing some of these issues are from recent production dates related to the non-safety P320 models is what pushed me to move away from the 320 family.

I’m sure the vast majority of these guns are just fine. It’s just too much of a concern for me to shake, and for me, losing confidence in a carry gun is not an option ever. At least with the M&P and other carry guns (G19/P229), I feel confident 100% of the time.

I loved my M17, I really did. Most naturally pointing gun I’ve ever held.


Roger that sir. I am also a big fan of the M&P pistols. In fact, my next purchase will probably be the M&P in .45 ACP. My brother has one and it is the easiest shooting 45 I have ever fired. Not counting some M1911s of course. From the grip to the trigger, it was a blast to shoot.

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I shot my friends M&P 45 Shield it was snappy but accurate. So I can just imagine how accurate the M&P 45 ACP full size shoots.


To me, it felt about like shooting a mild .40 caliber load. The recoil impulse was like a push with just a little muzzle rise. The grip texture made it very controllable and easy to get back on target. She was sweet!


A little off the topic…but M17 never had drop safety issue.
That problem was present on civilian P320 version only.


Oh, thanks @Jerzy, I did not know that. Interesting. I wonder what the difference was between the two?

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First - the trigger.
Second - manual safety…

But the trigger was mainly the reason M17 functioned well.


Good deal @Jerzy , thank you sir.