Decisions, decisions, decisions

We’ve all been in the situation. You have it down to two guns but can only purchase one. Damn

It’s between a Sig P320 9mm or the Smith & Wesson M&P m2 9mm threaded barrel.

I know I’ll be happy with either one.

So what two guns did you have a hard time choosing before you made the purchase?

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In general if I can’t decide between two I just thunk on it for a couple pay checks and get both. That said I am at a point in my collection that buying both would cost me all of my discretionary funds for about 2 years. My last great debate was over a 30 carbine paratrooper and a Lee Enfield MK4 Sniper in the crate.



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I had hard time to choose between 3 :thinking:
S&W M&P M2.0 9MM
Walther PPQ M1

All 3 great shooters, only details decided who won…


About two years ago I wanted a S&W airweight. So, I rented one, then rented a G43 to see which one I liked better. I ended up purchasing a Kahr CM9 the next day…

Recently, I was thinking of a G30, G23, or M&P40. I rented all of them (and a Sig 226 in 40), and ended up purchasing the M&P.

If you haven’t yet, rent them both and then decide. At the range I frequent, for the price of renting two guns, you can choose the option to try out as many of their rental guns as you want. If that’s the case, try a few other models/brands just to compare.

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Currently battling it out for a new BBQ carry piece, complete with a new holster that is fancy too. I just can’t make my mind up between a Wilson 92 Centurion, Wilson EDC X9, a Commander 1911 (Wilson, Brown etc), one of the Kimber commanders. At least I have it down to the platforms… :smiley:

Six months ago I started with 6 different platforms with the same holster style. This could take a while.

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The gun range that I’m a member to has a great wall of rentals and both those guns I mention we’re on there and I rented them both at the same time. Both shot fantastic, both love everything about them but as somebody mention is to Minor Details.

On the Sig P320 I thoroughly like trigger better than to Smith and Wesson, but on the Smith & Wesson I like to grip a little bit better.

And a pricing on both of them are fantastic. So decisions decisions decisions


usually costs more to remove and replace a trigger than a set of grips… If you can get a replacement trigger .

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