320 Module change or second 320?

I’ve got an awesome 320 SC and really want to get the 320 XCompact that just came out. I can wait for the new module to come out and move the trigger mechanism over or I can buy a second 320.

I’m torn do I want 2 complete 320s or should I save some money by getting the module and put the money I save toward a different gun?


Good question. I originally bought the P320 with the idea that I would get the module for the sub compact. Then the P365 came out. Game over. Also, the module is not cheap, for a few more bucks, I would buy a second gun.


I have 9mm barrels for 2 Glock pistols so I can swap .40 for 9mm. That’s about as modular I get. LOL.


I bought a full size 320 and I love it, however I love the compact RX more! I like the fact that with a swap of a trigger group I can have a full size pistol again. If you do go that route I suggest calling sig…the rep I talked to gave me 20% off just on a whim.

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There’s always room for another gun. :blush:

That’s awesome, @Tony! I’m so torn about what route to go :slight_smile: it’s a terrible “problem” to have.

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@zee @Dawn


I think I need your help. I have mentioned in the past that I have a Glock (model 22). Well our friend Dawn here showed me a Sig 320 at the expo and I had a chance to shoot it on the live fire range. I liked it and now I need your help to talk me out of buying it.

(Not sure if I am joking about needing to be talked out of it or not.)

Lol :joy:
… and you think I might try talking you OUT of buying another gun? :rofl:
Some gun love is the True Love For Life kind. Some gun love is a Capricious Affair.
Regardless of which the sig turns out to be, the guns in your safe are not the jealous kind :wink:
So… you know what you love, and you aren’t planning to sell any of those to acquire the new sig are you? And your gun safe isn’t full yet?
I still say Glocks Rule! But if your heart is aflutter over the sig… you know where to find your checkbook!

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Ok, wait, that wasn’t any help at all, was it…
Here’s my glock reasons list:
Durable, reliable, simple to maintain, shoots everything that’s jacketed, perfect geometry, light for its size. Good recoil management, excellent accuracy, easy to get parts for should you ever need to. High quality, very predictable, no external safety, high capacity. Plus my hand loves it and the sights are right where I expect them to be. Naturally accurate for me, I enjoy shooting it.
If the sigs got all that… do it.


@Dawn - Is your P320 SC a “pre-drop safe” gun? If so, then when you swap the older chassis (trigger group) for use with a later slide, you will end up with a dead trigger. The older unit lacks the lever to deactivate the newer “drop-safe” striker block. Just something to keep an eye out for. Otherwise, if SIG has the parts available to swap, then go for it! I just was too impatient and I bought the new XCompact lol.


I may just buy the XCompact - having an additional gun isn’t a bad thing :wink:

See @DBrogue? @Nathan says it’s an amazing gun and even @Zee says you should get it!!

You know I am just being sassy - it’s a great gun, but you don’t HAVE to get anything you don’t want to get.

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Sorry to add to your dilemma but…


LOL! It’s a terrible dilemma. :rofl:

Happy birthday, @Sheepdog556!!

Thank you.

“Perfect Geometry” is a very individual kind of thing based on a whole host of individual preferences and build.

That being true I’ve still found very few people who couldn’t shoot well with a glock and a little practice.

It can be a difficult transition however for people who started with something else.

I always said that the perfect gun would be produced by mating Glock and a 1911. When I discovered the XDM I was convinced that’s about as close as we’ll ever get.

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Sig Sauer has several ways of making different upgrades and changing
calibers of the P320. Example:.357 Sig to .40 SW. Then you change modular
components which you use your fire controls and trigger system. Takes about
30 seconds to change controls and save money. Compact and full size P320’s
are the best.


Buy the second gun.
I’ve got 2 guns, 1 for each of you. Unfortunately @Dawn is a heathen and not watched that movie.


Another excellent line from a great movie.


I’ve seen it!!! Well, most of it! I caught it a number of weeks ago when it was on regular TV so I’m sure they cut parts of it out.


I have a question for you. Did you get the SC or did you get a compact and use the SC module?

BTW, I would buy a 2nd gun - you can never have too many… just sayin’

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