320 Module change or second 320?

I have the SC, I’m thinking the 2nd gun :wink: It’s still in the thinking stage because I purchased a motorcycle since my last post on this thread.


I own the Sig P320 TACOPS w/threaded barrel. I also bought the Sig SRD9 suppressor. For the record, in those 10 anxious months awaiting the ATF tax stamp to arrive, I also acquired an FN Tactical w/threaded barrel.

Bottom line, the P320 failed miserably. It would not cycle the 115 gr or 124 gr 9 mm rounds with the SRD9 attached. It would fire but not cycle or eject the spent round. I would shoot, manually eject and Chamber the next round over and over.

Sent the P320 back to Sig Sauer via my fun shop. They redesigned the barrel and after 4 months Sig returned my the P320 claiming it worked great via their testing. I immediately tested it with 90 gr, 115 gr, 124 gr and 147 gr ammo. The 115 gr and 124 gr ammo was Sig ammo. The P320 worked fine at 90 gr and 147 gr, but again failed miserably at 115 gr and 124 gr, again, Sig ammo. Sent the P320 back again, it came back with a 2nd new barrel in 10 days and I tested it again. This time it failed less frequently at 115 gr and 124 gr but still FTE, Stove piping of live round and not cycling new rounds. Also, now it failed even with 90 gr. The only weight where it never failed was 147 gr.

Sig 115 gr and 124 gr, loaded in a Sig P320 fired through a Sig SRD9 was a disastrous disappointment. this set up is now useless since I only bought this model to run THE SRD9.

Note - the Sig ran perfectly with all ammo as long as the SRD9 was not attached.

ALSO Note - I ran the exact same ammo and tests on the FN Tactical with the SRD9 attached and it performed perfectly. No jams, no FTE, no stove pipes and all round cycled.

I’m done with Sig. I won’t buy another Sig anything, not even a hat or shirt. Very disappointed at how they handled this as well.

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Thanks for sharing that, @Harland! I haven’t heard of anyone else having that sort of experience. (Granted I haven’t heard too many personal experiences with suppressors either.)

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