Versatility of a Sig


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One of the great things about a Sig is it’s versatility, as discussed above by Scott W. Wagner. There are so many different ways to configure a Sig that you’d never have to buy a new gun again, just swap out their parts.

Do you swap out parts on your Sig?

I have a mid `90’s P220 in SAS form with a DAO trigger. I just asked the armory what refitting DA/SA with SRT would run. This month that’s 350 $US parts and labor. Almost makes it a question of appreciating the value of an old weapon, vs the real cost of a properly configured new manufacture.

I think it falls into the logic of needing new safes…


Yes I do. All of my 320s share the modular parts for different color combinations etc. drives my wife’s OCD crazy.

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My wife just swaps out her entire Sig. After being sent in two times the third time Sig just swapped it out (now just waiting for them to ship it to the local FFL).

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What did she have to send it in three times, @BJP? :scream:

@Dawn extractor problems.

P238 was doing this and those ones would eject straight back into your face. Her firearm did it to me and multiple others as well and we got it on video doing that also: She replaced the P238 with a S&W Shield Performance Center 380.


Damn! That’s not good, @BJP. :frowning: Glad she’s got a firearm she’s confident in!

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