I have a Sig p365, thinking about a Sig p238 looking for some advice



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Lead, Follow, or get out of the way


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I’ve been carrying the P238 daily for six years now and absolutely love it. I personally wish it was a DA/SA so I don’t have to remember to take off the safety, but I train with it and that shouldn’t be a problem. The US Military used its big brother M1911 up until 1985.
Anyway, it’s never printed. I keep it in my front pocket. Very reliable and accurate. Would highly recommend it.

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How did I not see this thread until now??? I started with the p238 and went to the 365. It does tend to print a bit more (especially with the Covid 15 (similar to freshman 15, but, well, you get the point)).

Any gun without an engaged safety could have this issue.

I switched to the 365 because you really have to train to turn the safety off on the 238 and I found that it wasn’t something I preferred when I train.

Both are great guns - I still have the 238 and train with it occasionally just in case every single other firearm I own stops working or I only have .380 ammo left.

I too carry appendix and printing is a concern. (Most women’s clothes stink for carrying.) I tend to buy a bit larger size in shirts so they flow a little at the waist/hips to prevent printing.

Unless someone carries, they aren’t usually going to notice someone else printing (think condition white). And on the occasion that I feel I might be printing at an inopportune time, I just position my arm in an inconspicuous manner near my carry.

Take the purse out of this photo and imagine your arm comfortably bent at the elbow and in front of you:
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And no- that’s not me in the picture. :smiley:

Off body carry, get a good holster and keep the firearm in a dedicated pocket with NOTHING else in that pocket. I’d use a Kydex holster of some sort as there is less chance for anything getting between the holster and the gun. And you never put the purse down. (I use a UUB bag aka Ukoala bag when I ride long distances on my motorcycle to keep the firearm easily accessible and my hands completely free. Now if it would only warm up in WI!)



It doesn’t warm up in WI, it just turns a different temperature of cold( I used to work at Gen Mitchell airport):wink:

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