My new EDC pistol

Sig Sauer p365 3.1" barrel and 12 round magazines. Wearing the Wilson Combat WCP365 tan (earth tone) grips with the optional weight package to help balance and recoil. I absolutely love this package. Waiting on my Odessa 9 suppressor and will order the True Precision threaded barrel. I will carry the suppressor attached in the Craft Roto shoulder rig (vertical carry that swings out to horizontal when drawing). Right now, I carry it in a pocket holster with no issues.


Nice! What’s your pocket holster?

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I purchased it at Big R for $8.00 and never looked at the name. It is a basic, cheap polyurethane version (Uncle Mike’s - just looked).


Did I read that right? You intend to concealed carry a pistol with a silencer attached? A braver man than I!

P365 variants are extremely popular carry guns. I couldn’t begin to guess how many are being carried each day in the US right now, what with it being August.

Sig really changed the landscape when they put that out there. 2

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Good gun! I like mine but it is not my EDC, that would be my Kimber.


I had to switch from my favorite, a 1911 in 45 acp to a striker fire design in 9mm due to arthritis in both thumbs and I no longer trusted decocking a SA 1911. My last 1911 was the Kimber Eclipse II HW commander in SS. It printed 2 inch groups at 50 meters. I now enjoy the 9mm.

I mostly carry a Beretta 81. Love how easy it is to conceal and is comfortable to carry.


The P365 is one of 3 firearms I recommend as a great firearm. Well done and it looks good.
Just a note: When I train students, I recommend against a shoulder rig (Holster) for the reason you have in parentheses, When you “swing the firearm out” you will overrun your threat target and will have to come back correcting, back on target. This may not be the most efficient means of presentation.

Lastly, the “Swing” you very well could be flagging other people than the threat during your presentation. Consider a OWB holster for efficiency and safety.

Double lastly, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


What a wonderful pistol. I’m jealous!!!

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You start out with a great gun, but your choices after that are more than a little suspect.

  1. Great gun.
  2. Suppressor on an EDC? Hmm. Time to draw with suffer. Reaction from a ‘jury of your peers’ will suffer (I will assert that the low information people --mainstream America–see them as tools for assassins and other unsavory elements).
  3. Shoulder rig–slow, unsafe draw–you’re sweeping zones and violating one of the 4 fundamental rules of gun safety. To Fizbin’s point about overcorrection–that’s without a suppressor. With all that extra length, this will be exaggerated and greatly reduce your ability to rapidly acquire the target (even compared to the same rig without the suppressor)
    I don’t see the need for the choices you’re making. They adversely affect your ability to get your gun safely and quickly into the fight in a way that optimizes your time on target.
    Sorry if that’s overly blunt. I mean no ill will. Just not getting it.
    Stick with the pocket holster and current configuration–you’ll improve on every point i list above.

I understand your concerns. The suppressors are for my personal and home defense and shooting enjoyment . All other considerations are intently investigated before being put into practice. Like I said, the Odessa has not been released to me yet and all of my experience is with the Silencerco .22 Sparrow. It is because of the possitive impact this has had on my shooting that I decided to go for a 9mm suppressor. Another way of viewing the use of suppressors in the minds of the ignorant is to hear from the victoms of indoor shootings if and when the good guy(s) employed a suppressor. As to the use of suppressors, I would have to address the critics as to why we demand mufflers on automobiles and how that use has allowed drunk or road raged drivers to kill more people. It’s a stupid and arrogant stance no matter what forum this debate occurs in.

It is the expressing, candidly, of ideas in a public forum that we can consider all options when entering new territory in the uses of firearms. I appreciate your candor. All my mentors were valued based on their candor. I am alive today because of it. So, thanks again.

The main weakness in your argument is found in the underlying reasons or fears of prejudice employed by our “rulers.” May be, two guns need to be carried by indoor security people. One for instant response and the suppressed weapon for when it is “appropriate.” The life altering damage that terror and trauma of gun fire to children who experience raging gun fire in their immediate surroundings or the horor, trauma, and terror children experience when faced with an active shooter and survive is WELL documented. Why not seriously explore the option of the deregulation and use of suppressors in public gatherings. Would we rather settle for the collapse and destruction of the quality of life for victoms because we are afraid to face down the arrogant and ignorant if not down right stupid opinions of disenfranchising public “SERVANTS.” We are not here by the graces of politicians, judges (at any level) and lawyers. They are here by the citizens’ graces. 300,000,000 against a mere handful of uneducated decision makers who are allowed to function independent of truth, facts and common sense makes no sense.

I hold in suspect maintaining any “best practices” based on maintaining status quo or fear of reprisal. Of course natural barriors (what will cause the bad guy to be successful) should prohibit unsafe practices but it is the one(s) who responsibly and successfully present a safe and effective change to an existing failure - even at their own possible demise or punishment - that effect true and lasting much needed change.

How many cries from offensive people were needed to get cigars out of the operation rooms? How many cries from trouble making or emotional nurses needed to be heard before they were allowed to wear gloves in their normal duties? How many ravings were needed before American enlisted soldiers were issued a rifle that held more than one round? How many good people were killed before snipers with optics and spotters were considered “appropriate?” How many people who refused fear of legal repression did it take to bring an end to the “it’s best to stick to the status quo” bringing in real changes to how the “governed” handled their individual and corpotate security and freedom issues. Common sense was never removed in that process. Rather common sense and inovations were required in order for appropriate changes and real “best practices” to occur and be maintained. The whole idea of suppressors is common sense in the use of them and when they are used. Freeing up the ability to employ sound suppression will naturally bring about new technologies and techniques of how to to use them.

I agree that my use of a suppressor will be governed by how well I perform with one especially when it comes to public safety. But I will never hold in suspect the investigation of how and when suppressors could be utilized for personal and public safety. People who learned how to do something better make the best trainers.

Let freedom ring!!!

Even if people cared as much about my EDC pistol having a suppressor as they care about whether my holster uses a plastic clip or plastic loops to attach to my belt, I still wouldn’t EDC a suppressor.

For me, and what practical attributes I judge an EDC pistol by, a suppressor would be a net hindrance.


To each there own my friend. Don’t know if I would EDC a suppressed pistol - yet.

I’m going to parrot everything @Aaron25 said and add a suggestion for a kydex molded pocket holster, if that’s your preferred method of carry.

Fair enough. I am looking into noise reduction around children. If an immediate response was needed, my 8 o’clock CC would be my first go to. I do think that a suppressed pistol for indoors use (if situation allows) is a worthy investigation though. I will use it at home for sure.

Two silent(able) wittnesses:

They both fitt very snuggly in my Glock 48 AlienGear Cloak Tuck IWB holster and my Craft Roto Shoulder Holster. Can’t wait for that Odessa 9 to get cleared. Gonna be quiet times in river city.

What a sacrifice to make, 1911 to striker :pensive:

I think you may have misunderstood?