Hunting (shotgun) ammo in short supply

Heading north to pheasant hunt and while I always have plenty of shotshells on hand I often replace what I ‘think’ I might use at this time. It’s seems 2 3/4" and 3" #4’s,5’s,6’s are no where to be found. I understand the run on pistol and rifle ammo, but upland bird rounds? Are people just buying whatever they see regardless of it’s fitness for intended use? BTW-- I did find some turkey loads, at ‘turkey’ prices, which will likely disappear as well.

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This is highly probable.

Here locally though, the LGS got in a few cases each of 12 ga 2.75" #4 and #6 last week. Still had much of it as of yesterday.

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That’s good to hear. I’ll watch for some whenever I’m out and spot buy if I find some. Would really like to add a case each to my reserves of 3" #4’s and #6’s.

It’ Fed Premium Grand Slam plated, I think?
I’ve heard that ammo mfrs are concentrating production on heavy sellers like 9mm, 45 ACP, 308 and 5.56.

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and the Winchester Long Beard.

Have still seen plenty of shotgun ammo.

The shortage seems to usually be 3" shells, plenty of 2.75"

Have a 410, 16, 20, and 12… but have so far still seen the ammo… though it was about 1.5 months after everyone here was talking about shortages of ammo that I started seeing 9mm and .45 ACP being in short supply and .357 mag is now virtually gone also.

Delayed here, so maybe I better go get some shells.

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Sabot slugs are a little scarce around me. Deer season. Regular shotgun shells are as plentiful as usual.

The real shortage for shotgun shells is in the area of defensive shells. Try and find Federal flight control 00 or 1 buck. If you do find it you will be robbed by the seller. Mostly all I see is “out of stock” join a waiting list. Actually I have a full stock for my 12 gauge but I watch these.

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Hmmmm, plenty of shells out my way in IN in a variety of options…I’m heading out to the fields for some Pheasant myself next Tuesday.

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Online I found nothing but steel, even Federal site says 25 days to ship. I’m well stocked so no big deal. My local stores have nothing but steel and target loads. I’ll hit a few stores on my way to ND and see what I find. Good luck on your hunt!

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SD is the pheasant State of the Union, so I’m sure they’ll have plenty as you travel through. I grew up pheasant hunting in the cornfields of Nebraska but never had the opportunity to travel out to SD or ND and I hear the hunting there is legendary (and most of it on public land).

Gonna need to plan that trip one of these days. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the well wishes, good luck to you also, hope you bag your daily limit every day you hunt!!

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You can find all that here in Indiana… for the record.

FWIW (update) The Federal ammo site ( has some shotshells available. They say to expect a 15-20 day ship time. Mostly they have steel and Turkey rounds. However, I was looking for their Prairie Storm 12ga. 3’’ #4’s and #6’s. Both were listed as available so I tried the #6’s first and they arrived in 10 days. I then ordered the #4’s adn they showed ‘shipped’ the very next day. I expect them early this week.

Update,: After reading some of these replies I had hoped to pick up some shells in the pheasant country of Aberdeen SD. I’m sad to report that was not the case. Steel loads were fairly plentiful but lead shot was almost nonexistent. The only lead shot I found was in 16 ga. which was not needed for the hunt, but I bought a couple of boxes to feed a gun I have at home.

In California we have to use steel to hunt upland game. No more last minute trips to the store to buy steel 7 shot 12 gauge. Need to plan ahead.

FYI when hunting with steel it is conductive and can spark. Almost started a fire in the brush the other day. I know I was shooting to low but it happens.

Big 5 has been good at carrying ammo but they run out fast. Get in good with the ammo guy at the gun counter and he or she will tell you when they get their ammo shipments in.

I have also found that the towns that have a lot of hunters at opener, like El Centro, have lots of ammo.

Interesting, so this could be an alternate and quick way to start my burn piles. :slight_smile:

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