Hunter biden charges

“As expected, prosecutors filed charges today that they deemed were not warranted just six weeks ago following a five-year investigation into this case. The evidence in this matter has not changed in the last six weeks, but the law has and so has MAGA Republicans’ improper and partisan interference in this process.”

sure its all the MAGA republicans fault. let any of us peons try to get away with this. he won’t see any real time because daddy will pardon him anyways. #FJB


Where does the DEALER fit in, here? If he didn’t make a background check or a thorough check, his ass is grass, and the ATF’s the lawnmower. Was the buy made out-of-state, in a state where it’s difficult to check on out-of-state buyers? When I lived in SC, you couldn’t buy AMMO unless you were a legal state resident - even if you’d converted your driver’s license.


when did SC start that? I used to live in SC until 2004


Some how they will turn the indictment against Hunter into an indictment against Trump, Trump made him do it, even provided the crack and hookers! :rofl:


ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t give them any ideas :laughing:


When I went to a gun shop in SC, I was told that I had to have been a state resident for six months before could buy guns or ammo - as I walked out, I thought the dealer was jivin’ and connivin’ for some reason - I had ammo, but wanted to bump up my supply for range-work…


If they need my ideas they aren’t as bright as they thought. :rofl:


Doesn’t mean a thing, they are pushing this through now so daddy can give him a full pardon


Another political S- - T SHOW. What ever charges he may receive, 10seconds after the judge hits the gavel, this court is adjourned, he will be pardoned by Joey “B”.:snake::open_mouth:


Yes the evidence hasn’t changed. He was clearly guilty then and is clearly guilty now. Only the ‘my daddy is the President so we’ll ignore all the gun charges’ sweetheart deal has changed.

And yes the law has changed. I am pretty sure that President Biden recently signed a new law into effect that ups the maximum penalty for lying on form 4473 from 10 years to 15 years. He clearly felt that anyone who breaks this law is a dangerous felon who needs to be taken off the streets for as long as possible.

None of this is due to MAGA Republicans. It is due to Hunter’s out of control drug use, lies, mishandling of firearms and criminal activities with a sprinkling of the anti 2A crowds agenda of witch hunting for as many firearm owners as they can thrown in.

The amusing thing is that it sounds like Hunter’s lawyers are going to use the uninfringeable 2A as a key point in his defense. Daddy must be so proud!

And let’s not forget Hunter stored his firearm in such a way that his girlfriend could access it and throw it in a dumpster behind a school. Thankfully the Secret Service went and fished it out before a school kid or homeless person found it. Bet his daddy taught Hunter all about safe firearm storage when he taught him the safe firearm handling rules of always shoot your double barrel shotgun into the air in crowded neighborhoods in order to scare away trespassers, or his more well known gem of self defense and firearm safety wisdom:

“Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because if you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.” Joe Biden

I guess that’s one very effective way to keep Jehovah’s Witnesses and door to door salesman from knocking on your door:/


Yep, this clearly ends up in exoneration of this exemplary citizen.
Are they still looking for the unknown villains who smuggled cocaine into the WH?


I believe…


More important things are coming our way that we just won’t see coming!
Watch your six!


Even though Ol’ Hunter is a crack head it won’t really matter how any of us feel about him/it since he will not be convicted as the 5th circuit court of appeals has already ruled against the law that was used to charge him in another case involving Patrick Daniels of Mississippi.
A conservative appeals court just ruled against the federal gun law used to charge Hunter Biden (

“Two charges in [the indictment] stated that Biden — President Joe Biden’s son — lied when he wrote that he didn’t use narcotics before buying the gun, a Colt Cobra revolver. The third alleges he illegally owned the firearm when he shouldn’t have.”


I agree Scott this is only a distraction.


guess we will grow old before that happens


Hunter lied on the application. What does that tell you about the background checking process. Not the dealers fault if approved. BTW, regarding other comments above minimizing what Hunter did, if I did this in Madison, Wisconsin I would get 5 years in prison.


Hunter actually lying on the background check may constitute a different charge than him actually using drugs while owning the gun, so he could get convicted for lying if that is the case. I’m not a lawyer so I don’t really know.


While I agree with all you fine folks comments…
I feel it is my duty to be the bearer of bad news.
What you fail to see is this addict, criminal, law breaker
is the son of Puddin’.
That right there ought to tell you something on which way this is headed.
Puddin’ Senior will do all he can to make this either go away or distract the Sheep into
another major catastrophe. This is his number one son. he has said as much often.
He has broken many laws already just keeping him out of jail since this started.
maybe he can see ( and knows) his son is a major phuck up. Maybe he’s blind
to it. But when he did a ‘bump’ on the White house balcony ‘Jill’, the family and the World
saw it! yet 30-40% of the population is STILL PRO Biden. The country is in Free fall yet these fools
refuse to see, or see the cracks in the Biden veneer (and with the ‘corruptibles’ having a lock on the elections they believe Pudd will have a second Win under his belt in 2024).
While I truly believe this will NOT happen, I am starting to believe they wish for a Civil War (distraction).
I pray I am wrong but the people in power are seeing an awakening and will do their dam nest to
keep a hold on their power.

My (2) cents.


we’d be sitting in jail right now