Hunker Down


Stand fast and resist. Publish facts in media sources. Spread truth. It’s been our way for 350 years.


They’re losing the fight though. Mainly becuase of these liberal/democrat mayors allowing all the rioting and mayhem during the BLM protest nonsense. Those mayors allowed it and held back the police as well as refusing National Guard assistance.

It was all part of their notorious plan to defeat Trump. However, people saw that and gun sales soared because many people finally saw they have to be their own protection/defense.


Now states are going Constitutional carry and becoming 2A sanctuary states. There are now over 20 states that are Constitutional carry and the SCOTUS has finally taken a 2A case against New York. In Illinois, another judge has ruled the FOID card unconstitutional.

If we stay in the fight for our RIGHTS…there’s no way they win.


The media are the real terrorists. They’re spreading fear and propaganda far and wide.


Well I guess we’re dangerous them.


I think the push to make gun violence a “National Health Crisis” fell flat with the Wuhan Flu and America whent “RLY”. To push it as a “National Security Issue” given all the fake news regarding the Washington Protest may pick up a little traction but it is still not resonating because there were NO WEAPONS FOUND during the protest. The MSM keeps tripping over their uuuuuummmmmm whatchacallit jumping to conclusions making biassed judgements and flat out lying in absence of facts or before the release of any facts all to drive a racial divide. When found to be fraudulent they focus on the guns and then let the story slip away to the next WOKE reaction to the shooting of a criminal as long as he/she/it is of some color (when they get that right). The new found target is white supremacist groups. When has a white supremacist group actually done ANYTHING since the Dem’s were in charge of the segregation and the KKK in the 50’s and 60’s?

I don’t condone any radical behavior to accomplish political goals because that by definition is terrorism. My prediction is that a shop owner of color is going to clear a street of Panti-Fa and BLM "peaceful protestors " with a 12 Ga and the news media is going to be stuck except for the humanities stories about “My poor baby wasn’t doing anything wrong.” If the ratings are an indicator DTJ was right (again) once out of office the MSM has nothing to report. If the audit in Maricopa, AZ is any indicator the SCOTUS is going to have a true constitutional crisis on their hands as to what to do with an illegitimate president. As the title says “Hunker Down” get solid and stand by for interesting times.

IMHO the MSM is the enemy of the United States of America and if the gov’t won’t treat them as such the American population should. Ban them, cancel them, disown them, shut them down. MLB, NFL and big corporations are seeing the impact of caving to the left now. That doesn’t stop them because “they know better” and are back funded by a multi layered conglomerate that can absorb 75% hit in ratings. Amazon will be the only survivor, they have a product that is too easy to use and saves money.

Sorry for the rant just puking on a page.