How to Handle Gun Violence Salt Lake City Style

The guy shot at someone literally right across the street from our place, SO what does the court do? Change The Charges, Let Him Out.


And you still live there? :rofl:


Not quite as funny as it used to be, looking around down here…


I used to have to drive field samples from AZ up to the lab in Logan once or twice a year and would drive through Panguitch to get there. Seems like a really nice area. Though it is a bit of a drive to get to any major box stores or other big town activities. Which can be a good thing if you don’t mind not being able to easily access those things.


I have some history and extended family there. Plus as a positive to us but a negative to the town, the logging industry has pretty much dried up so it’s pretty quiet around there now.

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Hi, im new here. I live in this part of the country. I think violence is rising everywhere unfortunately. Right now I’m seeing more thefts than anything else.


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Regardless of what the statistics may or may not be telling us over the past year it seems that crimes and violence aren’t going to cease to be an issue in many areas anytime soon.


Thanks. I was assaulted about a year ago and it made me wake up to what is taking place in America i joined the USCCA and have noticed a difference in how i look at what is going on around me. Live and learn.