How many. Members.,keep.their. EDC. In. Their door. While. Driving. And. this a mistake?

Well imho, the door pouch is on my left, but I am right handed, so thats not good for me. I do have a magnetic mount on the side of my console and works for me.


If you take it off and put it in your door, it’s not your EDC.

I have never done that and intend to never do that.

The way to make sure you have it accessible if and when you need it, is to have it on you.

Crap happens where you have to get out of your carry in a hurry, do you really want your choices to be

  1. Leave your gun and bail out without
  2. Stay in your car that is on fire/submerging in water/taking incoming fire?
  3. Get out of your car with a gun in your hand (even if not under fire)


Keep the gun on you, in a holster, on your body.



On my body, all the time. I will admit, drawing from 4:00 O’clock is nearly impossible when seat belted in, but I’m working on it.


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