Car door pouch gun storage

Hi folks, thinking of using a rubber coated magnet either under the steering wheel or in the door pouch to put my gun WHILE DRIVING. It’s a small 380 and if in the door, I could cover it with a rag.

Anyone else use this practice? Of course I’m carrying it - not leaving it in there when I park. WHILE DRIVING it’s Too hard to draw from the belt, and takes to long to get it from the armrest center console. Just asking for some input, TY All


Many state laws require CCW weapon to be IN a holster or locked in a purpose built box. Not sure if a magnet qualifies in your state. CA it does not


Door pouch with IWB holster adjusted for it. (easy draw for left handed :wink:)
There is also good method using holster mounted in front of your seat, with muzzle pointing down.
Both are good concealed.
I do not trust magnets. Holster is the only way I keep uncased handgun.

I personally don’t see easy drawing from center console, it is good as storage only.


Neither do I. I am not a physics expert, but a magnet has to be very strong to keep a gun in place during an accident. If a magnet is strong enough for that, what impact will it have on the automobile’s electronics?


I would also recommend against a magnet. For auto carry, I have used the Wilderness Tactical Safepacker for over a decade.

Stay safe.


Lack of trigger coverage is also a problem!


I use one from Gum Creek Customs.

It mounts right under the steering wheel so it’s fast, easy access if I need to use it.


Off-body carry comes with a whole set of potential problems and liabilities. An added complication with the practices proposed is the transition every time one enters or leaves the car — potentially compromising concealment and risking unintended discharge as a consequence of the additional gun handling in a constrained environment.

I carry a 15+1 9mm IWB at two o’clock and have not found access to the gun difficult from the driver or passenger side — although it does take some thinking and practice to accommodate related issues like muzzle direction, where to put seatbelt, how to arrange clothing.

If I just could not make that work, I would look a long time at either crossdraw, shoulder holster, or ankle holster before I trusted the car to be responsible for carrying.


I don’t trust magnets for a vehicle. I found alien gear shape shift quick attachment mount with the OWB shells works well under the dash. I carry IWB and move it to on body holster when parked.


Man, grateful for the replies folks. Thank You


@Frank73 , have you actually fired the gun at the range with the bag in your hand, just wondering if the slide movement can be obstructed by the bag. Looks good and you could probably mount it with Velcro somewhere in the vehicle with easy access.

@Johnnyq60, I have drawn from the bag in dry fire sessions. Only because I use this for car carry and not for off body carry (which it can be used for). I practiced drawing and dry firing because even though I was on the range, I didn’t want empty casings all over my vehicle.

The bag attaches to the lap belt portion of your seat belt and can be moved to strong side, weak side or in the middle of the lap (preferred by me) for either the driver or passenger.

The opening provided a quick “break-away” velcro side for gun presentation on the draw. It’s designed as an answer to a carjacking where most carriers have their holstered firearms “trapped under” the seat belt near the buckle area. I use it on the road and when I get ready to leave the vehicle, it provides for a discreet transition from bag to AIWB holster in no time.

The adverts for the product shows that you could carry off body with a shoulder strap or attach the lap belt loop to your support hand or on your belt . Never used it off body.

I think that I purchased mine 15 years ago, The velcro is still as strong as an ox and the material hasn’t even begun to fray. They really made this thing tough.

Stay safe out there.


Magnets are a bad idea. Why? Because if you’re in an accident the gun will not be where you left it. Even a small accident will overcome any magnetic hold on the gun and cause it to become ‘loose’ in the car. It’s too much of a liability.

That being said… For long trips, I used an IWB (right side) holster on my driver’s door on one vehicle. It allows for left hand draw from the door easily enough. I would put a towel or rag over it when I had to step out at a gas station to get gas (locking my doors of course!) so it wasn’t visible. However, I recently sold that car and am looking at options for my new car.

Perhaps doing a metal ‘loop’ mount near your left knee at the bottom edge of the dash so you can mount a kydex holster? It could be removed easily enough to allow for moving the firearm, but still provide quick access if needed.

Another option is to use the center console for your normal ‘primary’ weapon but a smaller, secondary weapon you can carry while driving. I’m thinking something like a cross draw Bond Arms derringer. This would allow you a rapid response with a shot or two of .410 buck shot and buy enough time (if needed) to go for your now ‘secondary’ weapon. While not ideal, concealed carry and the activities we engage in sometimes call for compromise. The question is what is the balance you find yourself most comfortable with and is most practical? What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. I do know that magnets would be one of my last choices.


All why I rely on my UnderCover UnderTech tank tops. My gun stays under my off arm and I have the same ease of access as when I am not in my car.


Just by coincidence, I happened to run across this essay:

I’m not previously familiar with the author at Pinot and Pistols, but — after reading a few pieces — she makes very cogent observations and writes very well about this topic. And I presume others — worth a look.

Thanks to Greg Ellifritz for bringing this to my attention.


I had the same problem trying to figure out very uncomfortable leaving it in my holster and so hard to get to if needed. I also belong to the NRA and they have a great over the council storage solution check it out