Recommended gear

Recommended car console holsters you like?
For a Taurus G2C or my Xd 9mm


For me alone, If I go there (which I do now)
It’s a gun magnet. holsters are great, handsome, Utility…
but a magnet is Universal, Just wrap your fist around the butt of the gun and WaLaa!
(and when the gun is in your possession anybody looking in see’s a square piece of metal)
Not an empty holster.


I am thinking of going with Magnet also.


I hope the ATF doesn’t swarm that guy’s house for having an illegal piece of plastic attached to his gun.


THAT^^^^^^^^ would REALLY suck!

How much would that panel cost to replace on my jag?
1st. born?
Loan from my bank?
Puddin’s Corvette?
nanshee’s Monthly Vodka allowance?

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I don’t have a console holster. I do have a locking box that I use in my car from time to time when I need to lock it up.

I am starting to contemplate a quick access safe to mount in my vehicle console due to restrictions coming down the pike in one of the states I frequent.


its a 90s Dodge ram. Dont worry, the dash plastics in those trucks are so trash you can look at them wrong and they break


Yes i remember those cheap dashboards Brother…

Just (5) years ago…She was great(to me)


I ended up getting a magnet for my center console
Thanks everyone


Question for those using gun magnets:

Do you keep a round in the chamber? I would be concerned that in the heat of the moment, especially if I was trying to drive at the time, that I might accidentally catch the trigger while grabbing for the pistol. I’m not a big fan of exposed triggers on loaded pistols unless the pistol is being pointed at the target.

Using a trigger guard attached to a cord would prevent this issue. I do this in my quick access safe at home to prevent accidentally pulling the trigger while retrieving the pistol under threat of a home invader while being potentially sleepy or otherwise distracted.

I prefer on body carry in case I need to exit the vehicle quickly. Don’t want to have to think about or be seen retrieving my firearm while exiting. But I admit it can be a little uncomfortable on longer drives.

I’m with you, @Shamrock with regards to on body carry. If I’m not mistaken, you drive a lot for work. I do the same. I’ve looked at ways to secure the pistol in my truck for long drives, but in the end, I choose on body, even for very long drives. That way, 1, I always know exactly where my weapon is, 2, if I’m in a wreck it’s still on me and not flying out of the truck, 3, if I have to exit quickly it comes with me, and 4, if, for example, I’m getting fuel and stuff goes bad in a hurry, I’m armed standing there, not having to dive back into my truck to get it, and it prevents the need to unholster and reholster everytime I get in and out of the truck. Besides, if I can wear the holster empty, I can wear it full.

How many videos do we see of fights, robberies, shootings, etc. at fuel stations? It’s one spot where I’m always on high alert, often with my right hand in my pocket holding my revolver. My wife was mugged getting fuel once. I saw an armed guy hiding in the shadows once at a fuel station. I got out of there, called 911 and the police got there in time to grab him and prevent an armed robbery, or worse. How easy would it be to slip up and forget to reholster when getting out for fuel?


I agree with all 4 of your statements.

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I agree w/ you Brother. Very valid points.
But “sometimes” I LIKE holstering my gun when I get out for gas @ Costco (shock value I guess) :rofl:
When I was in my Head On in April I made the Rescue Fire fighter Woman (a real looker) go wide-eyed (I’m a sucker for a woman in Uniform I guess) when she attempted to walk me over to the side of the road, I said 'wait a second ‘and grabbed the gun off the magnet (I had a second magnet for another mag but that didn’t hold and had to search through the glass and smashed dash pieces on the floor board. Not enough metal to magnet on that mag I guess?. But now Xterra-less I am now in a low slung Jaguar
(they call it an SUV but it’s really just a larger sedan and the center console is HUGE! You could put an entire Migrant family in my console (exaggerating a bit :upside_down_face:) So there I was shocking my sister by installing two magnets day one of ownership. Besides all that Leather everywhere, I would hate to scratch anything up now. The truck was one thing, This car is a work of ART!. Trucks are meant to be used, this car is …unbelievable. NOT BRAGGING here. Just FLOORED by how solid and put together this thing is. It’s like my Hellion, I wanted a bullpup for a long time, nothing stood out to get me to commit .
Some looked justplain old UGLY! then BAM! the Hellion came out and it was like :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:@ first sight! Same Same for this ride. Some don’t like foreign cars, BUY AMERICAN! But I’ve had Nissan’s (3) xterra’s for the last (10) years. They just do something for me. Then you outfit them with those MASSIVE front and rear tank killing bumpers (Saved my Sister’s and my life!)
that was one hellacious crash Folks! Pushed the motor into the Firewall, snapped the trans axle (4 wheel component) in half! But the bumpers kept held to the frame (I had them welded on, Thank God). they just take my breath away still. You can’t find one in New Mexico! Xterra’s are held onto here. I had to find one in Colorado and have it shipped here, sight unseen). I got lucky. Sorry Ramblin’…
Gun Magnets just do it for me too! I’m thinking about dusting off my Desantis should Holster for the ride I have now (Interior and holster black Leather! :grin:)